BSNL Employee Executive Non Executive JAO JTO TTA Benefits Pay Scale Grade Salary Allowance Pension Rules Under 7th Pay Commission

BSNL Employee Executive Non Executive JAO JTO TTA Benefits Pay Scale Grade Salary Allowance Pension Under 7th Pay Commission

  1. BSNL employees’ Pay Scale salary and Grade
  2. BSNL Employee Pay scale for Executive
  3. BSNL Employee Pay Scale for Non-Executive
  4. BSNL Employee Pay Scale for JAO
  5. BSNL Employee Pay Scale of JTO
  6. BSNL Employee Pay Scale for TTA
  7. BSNL employee benefits under 7th Pay Commission 
  8. BSNL employees Allowance
  9. BSNL Pension Rule Under 7th Pay Commission


BSNL employees Pay Scale Pay Grade Salary Allowance

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL is one of the largest telecommunications in India. It covers almost every corner of the nation. The biggest telecommunication of India, BSNL has over millions of employees who are working under this company. Recently the government of India has raised the salary and pay scale of BSNL employees to encourage the young generation to take up jobs in various designations under BSNL. In current year, 7th CPC declared the revised salary for all the sectors including BSNL employees. Unfortunately there was no hike in BSNL employees’ salary or pay scale this year. Here in this article we will discuss the detail pay scale and grade salary of the various designations under BSNL services.

  • BSNL employees’ Pay Scale salary and Grade

BSNL employees’ pay scale salary and grade depend on the various posts and designations. The pay scale can be divided into two categories

  • Job category: In Job category you will find the salary or pay scale of the candidates depending upon the job titles they bear. It could be Engineer or telecom officer or accounts officer, depending on the position the salary is been determined.
  • Grade category: In grade category, the pay scale is determined as per the gradation of the officials such as Grade – A or Grade-B officers of level 1, 2 or 3 and such.
  • Pay scale for Executive

Executives are the backbones of any company. In BSNL, executive level officers fall under the Grade pay categories. Grade A executive officers are being paid minimum of Rs. 12,000/- and maximum of Rs. 24,500/-. On the other the Grade-B executive officers in BSNL are currently receiving salary of minimum Rs. 9,850/- to maximum Rs. 18,250/- including allowance and such.

Senior Admin officers and Junior Admin Officers for Grade – A, finance department are drawing minimum Salary of Rs. 22,400/- whereas Grade-A of level 3 executive officers (Admin and Finance) are drawing minimum salary of Rs. 12,000/- and maximum of Rs. 24,500/-.

  • Pay Scale for Non-Executive

Like executive officials, BSNL has immense numbers of non-executive officers as well. Designations like technician, stenographer, driver, Phone mechanic and other junior staffs are considered to be the non-executive employees under BSNL.

The pay scale for these employees is different depending on the positions. The minimum salary of a non-executive employee in BSNL is Rs. 4720/- and the maximum salary of a non-executive employee is Rs. 11, 175/-.

Where a driver is drawing salary ranging from Rs. 4,720/- to maximum Rs. 6650/- including allowance, a senior Hindi translator is drawing minimum of Rs. 7,100/- to maximum Rs. 10,100/- . Both of them are non-executive employees in BSNL and drawing a varied salary due to their position and nature of work.

  • Pay Scale for JAO

Accounts officers’ post has two categories Senior and Junior. Both of them are equally important in the company. JAO or Junior Accounts Officer’s pay scale falls under the Job category. This designation is one of the most important categories in the company. A JAO draws yearly average salary of Rs. 573, 333/-. Which means on an average a JAO receives nearly Rs 48,000/- per month. A JAO is currently receiving minimum of Rs. 4, 20, 000/- to maximum Rs. 8, 00, 000/- in a year.

  • Pay Scale of JTO

JTO or Junior Telecom Officer is one who handles the communication across the country. It is obvious that when a person is handling such an important task, he / she must be paid a high amount for this job profile. A JTO is currently receiving average yearly salary of Rs. 504, 000/- which means nearly he / she is drawing Rs. 43,000/- per month.

Each JTO draws minimum of Rs. 4, 50, 000/- to maximum Rs. 6, 00, 000/- as a salary.

  • Pay Scale for TTA

The Telecom Technical Assistant or TTA under the BSNL service has also an important role to play. These assistants provide the technical help if any communication or connection error occurs. The pay scale for the mentioned officials is Rs. 3, 10, 000/- on an average basis. This amount is the yearly basis average salary. According to the BSNL employees’ revised pay scale the minimum salary of a TTA is Rs. 2, 90, 000/- and the maximum salary he / she will get is Rs. 3, 50, 000/-.

  • BSNL employee benefits under 7th Pay Commission 

Unfortunately in the 7th pay commission, BSNL employees will not get benefitted as they have not declared any salary hike this year. Other facilities like housing allowance and such have been raised by 10% and maximum 20% as per the area. The 7th Pay Commission, almost every employee is waiting for, could not make the BSNL employees smile as they denied raising the salary of the employees this year. On the contrary, they didn’t disappoint them totally, as they have raised the allowance (such as housing rent allowance) by 20% (Max) for the employees across the country.

  • BSNL employees Allowance  under 7th Pay Commission

In the current financial year, the 7th Commission has declared a hike in housing rent allowance for the employees of BSNL services. The increment was made depending on the areas the employees are living in. The division of the increment has taken place in following manner

  • For less than 5 lakh population the housing rent allowance will be 10% of basic pay
  • For 5 lakhs to 50 lakh population the housing rent allowance will be 20% of the basic pay
  • For 50 lakhs and above population the housing rent allowance will be 10% of the basic pay

Allowance/ Bhatta Under 7th Pay Commission

BSNL Pension Rule Under 7th Pay Commission :

  • Retirees from BSNL who have retired from their service before and after June 2013 had a big rift between the pension benefits that was set by the Cabinet Ministry. Pensioners who have retired prior to June 2013 were not getting proper benefits as the retirees who have retired after June 2013 are receiving.
  • There were many demand and requests had been coming seeking the assurance from the government to revise the amount of the pension benefits for the BSNL pensioners and family pensioners from different quarters. That leads the Cabinet Ministry to nod for the revision of the pensions.
  • In one of the recent meetings Cabinet Ministry has declared about the revision of the pension of the BSNL pensioners as well as family pensioners. In the meeting the authority has said that employees who have retired before June 2013 will be able to receive 50% dearness allowances along with basic pension amount. The disbursement of the pension and other process will be supervised by BSNL authority only.
  • The dearness allowances will be merged under the liability of BSNL for the employees retired before 2013. The rate of merged allowances will be 78.2%. On the other the DCR, leave encashment and such will not be changed any further.
  • The pensioners from the following departments (a) Department of Telecommunication, (b) Department of Telecom Services and (c) Department of Telecom Operations who have retired from their services before 1st October 2000 will receive the pension from the Government of India. Here BSNL will not bear any liability of the pension disbursement or any procedure.
  • People who are being absorved by the telecommunication organisation BSNL will be getting the pension liability from BSNL only. According to the FR – 116, the pension benefits will be borne by the BSNL only for the span of time they work or worked under BSNL.
  • The revision will bring up the cost of the government as the amount of pension benefits will get hiked after this revision. However the long pending revision of pension problems will now be solved and pensioners and family pensioners will get more benefits after their retirement.
  • The total amount of pension benefits were paid to the pensioners at the time of 2013 – 14 was 129.63 Cr for the pensioners and 24.93 Cr for the family pensioners. Now after the revision the amount will be paid to the 1, 18, 500 numbers of pensioners in the country 239.92 Cr for the pensioners and 44.62 Cr for the family pensioners.
  • With this revision of the pensioners, the anomalies will be prevented and also the extra burden of the monetary loss on BSNL will be reduced radically. As after the revision it has been said that the government will bear some of the pensions and BSNL will not be liable for pension benefits so it will bring down the financial burden from BSNL largely.
  • After the revision now the pensioners will be getting same amount of benefits as the workers under BSNL are receiving. The revision of DA, basic Pension and other benefits will be made to provide same advantages as a current employee is receiving from the company.

BSNL Pay Scale – quick glance

Post Average Pay Scale
Executive 18000/-
Non-Executive 8000/-
JAO 573,333/-
JTO 504,000/-
TTA 310,000/-

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