Child Education Allowance, Eligibility Criteria, Tax Exemption Rules in 7th pay commission

Child Education Allowance, Eligibility Criteria Tax Exemption Rules in 7th Pay Commission

The Central govt. provides one special allowance named which is meant for the schooling and education of the wardens of the central government employees. This is one of those special allowances which will be continued also with the implementation of the new 7th Pay Commission from 1st July, 2017. However, some necessary changes have been introduced in the terms of the allowance provided to govt. employees for children’s education. This allowance was implemented from 1st Sep, 2008 when the 6th pay commission was implied. It covers almost all the costs incurred in child’s education such as tuition fees, books fees, hostel expenses, miscellaneous charges of school, etc.

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Child Education Allowance Reimbursement Rules

  • After the school fees are paid by the govt. employee for children’s education, one can go for reimbursement of the same as per the specified rules.
  • As per some demands from the govt. employees, the allowance for children’s education needed to be extended till higher education. However, the govt. has only decided to provide the same till Class XII.
  • Education costs which are charged directly by the school are reimbursable such as tuition fees, admission fees, electronics / music / laboratory/agriculture charges, library fees, fees for sports and extracurricular activities, etc.
  • In case of purchase of books, the employees may claim reimbursement for one set of text books in one academic year.
  • Claim of two sets of school uniform including one pair of school shoes may be reimbursed under this allowance.

Children’s Education Allowance Exemption/Limit

  • The allowance for children’s education is limited only till Class XII and higher education shall not be covered under the child education allowance umbrella.
  • This allowance is provided only for two school going children in a family. This means there is a window of claiming allowance for the 3rd child in case the second birth is twins/multiple births.
  • If a student fails in a class, this allowance may be availed in the next academic session also for the same class. However, if new admission in a separate school is done where the child has already passed the same standard, then reimbursement is not allowed.
  • No fees paid in connection with private tuitions shall be claimed under this allowance of child education.

Children’s Education Allowance Form

An affidavit or certificate shall be produced by the employee that shows details of all the fees paid towards the children’s education against his/her claim of the allowance. This certificate will be signed by the school / institution authority and also shall include necessary payment receipts. Forms for CEA is available with all respective govt. organizations which may either be collected from office or may also be downloaded from internet. Sample of one such allocation form is provided in the link:

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Children’s Education Allowance Benefits

The students who study and stay in hostels have higher benefits that normal school going children. Tax exemption of Rs. 100 per month per child is allowed which will be Rs. 300 for children studying and staying in hostel. Also, the CEA will also be hiked with the hike in DA of the employees. When the DA touches 50 %, the rate of CEA will also be hiked by 50 %. For disabled children, the rate of allowance will be doubled.

Child Education Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

  • The monthly allowance provided for education of one child under 7th CPC is Rs. 2,250 per month. This will be applicable for maximum two school going children in a family.
  • If the child stays in hostel, then the monthly CEA will be Rs. 6,750.
  • Disabled students will have double the benefits provided to the normal school going / hostel staying students under the 7th
  • A proper affidavit certified by the school shall be produced for every reimbursement. This will be beneficial for stopping malpractices and misuse of this education allowance and make the process clean.

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