DMRC PayScale Salary Allowance Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

DMRC Pay Scale Salary Allowance Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation aka DMRC has now become one of the largest industries in India. After Kolkata Metro railways now Delhi is making it most desirable way of transport in the capital city. Every year a number of people are recruited in DMRC in several positions. There are designations where fresher candidates are being appointed and few of them need enough experience. The pay scale is different for different positions and designations. The basic pay scale for the DMRC employees starts from Rs. 6000/- per month for the unskilled labours. The highest paid employee in DMRC is the Managing Director who draws salary of Rs. 1, 25,000/- per month. There are a bunch of designations between unskilled labours and managing director. The pay scale of several employees is given below.

DMRC Pay Scale for Junior Engineer

The recruitment of Junior Engineer has done depending on the entrance examination result conducted by the DMRC examination board. The selection process includes written examination and personal interview. The written examination held in different centres across the nation. Depending on the written examination result candidates are called upon for personal interview.

The basic salary of a Junior Engineer starts from Rs. 17, 927/- per month including benefits and perks. The highest salary a junior engineer gets is Rs. 41, 299/- per month including the perks and allowances. Junior Engineers who are fresher and don’t have much experience draw salary of Rs. 31, 000/- to maximum Rs. 38, 000/- per month including allowances and perks.

DMRC Station Controller Salary

Station Controller is a position where the candidate has to manage the operation of stations. The operation includes the opening of stations, time management of the stations’ operation and the operation of the equipments and system of the stations like AFP and such. It is more like a supervision of the entire station operations. The pay scale of the entry level station controller starts from Rs. 10, 170/- per month. The highest salary a station controller is Rs. 18, 500/- excluding the incentives. The incentive ranges from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 8000/- per month. Station Controllers get heavy concessions on loans. Some of the controllers get nearly Rs. 29,000/- per month in-hand even after availing Rs. 14 Lac of loan facility.

DMRC Assistant Manager Pay Scale

The role of assistant manager is equally important as the other managers in any private sector. The basic pay scale for an assistant manager in DMRC is Rs. 20, 600/- per month for the entry level managers. The selection process in this designation is done via examination process and personal interview process.

A fresh candidate in the post of Assistant Manager gets the salary of Rs. 20, 600/- per month including the benefits and perks. The highest salary an assistant manager draws is Rs. 46, 500/- per month.

DMRC Maintainer Salary

Maintainer in DMRC is one employee who supervises the operations of different mechanical equipments such as refrigerator, AC and other equipments. The responsibility of a maintainer is huge as he has to take care of all the mechanical parts and access of the equipments. The basic and starting salary of a maintainer is Rs. 8000/-. This salary is excluding the benefits and perks. After inclusion of 112% DA, 45% additional allowances and 52.5% other lease the salary of an entry level maintainer in DMRC is Rs. 24, 000/- per month to Rs. 25, 000/- per month.

DMRC Pay Scale for All Employees

Sl. No. Posts Pay Scale
1 Managing Director Rs. 80000/- to Rs. 125000/-
2 Director Rs. 75000/- to Rs. 100000/-
3 Executive Director Rs. 62000/- to Rs. 80000/-
4 General Manager Rs. 51300/- to Rs. 73000/-
5 Additional General Manager Rs. 43200/- to Rs. 66000/-
6 Joint General Manager Rs. 36000/- to Rs. 62000/-
7 Deputy General Manager Rs. 29100/- to Rs. 54500/-
8 Manager Rs. 24900/- to Rs. 50500/-
9 Assistant Manager Rs. 20600/- to Rs. 46500/-
10 SSO/SSE/ CDM Rs. 18500/- to Rs. 35600/-
11 ASE/SE/SDEO Rs. 16000/- to Rs. 30700/-
12 SPA/TA/Sr. Assistant/SDM Rs. 14000/- to Rs. 26950/-
13 Assistant/JDM/JE/Drvs Rs. 13500/- to Rs. 25520/-
14 Assistant/Steno/Drvs/JDM Rs. 10170/- to Rs. 18500/-
15 Skilled Drvs/JA/DEO Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 14140/-
16 Semi Skilled Rs. 6670/- to Rs. 11470/-
17 Unskilled Rs. 6090/- to Rs. 9300/-

DMRC Benefits for employee

  • Dearness Allowances: As per the latest pay commission the employees under DMRC receives 112% of basic pay scale as DA every month along with their salary.
  • HRA: Under DMRC the house rent allowances are being paid to the employees. The rate of HRA is not a fixed one for all. It depends on the city and area the employee is posted in. Depending on the location the HRA percentage is being decided.
  • Class X or Metro city allowances: Each employee posted in metro cities across the nation gets 30% of the basic salary as Class X allowances under DRMC. 20% and 10% are paid for the other cities and rural areas respectively.
  • Rs. 2000/- – 4000/- is being paid as other perks and allowances for several reasons.

DMRC Salary structure and employee benefits

DMRC – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation – offers its employees with salary package that may vary depending on the designation on the designation of the employee. Apart from this some other factors that may affect your salary package include your overall experience in relevant field and the level of your expertise.

Brief about DMRC

DMRC is a public sector unit that is based in New Delhi. The organization is believed to offer commuters with state of art Metro rail services. Apart from this the company is also offering with improved railway services and railway projects to be implemented within other major cities throughout the country. Presently it is offering with a helping hand in railway project at Kochi and Jaipur. DMRC is also an establishment that is owned by the state in joint venture between Indian Government and Delhi Government.

DMRC Establishment details

  • The company was established under the joint venture between the two governments back in 1995.
  • DMRC began its services in full swing in New Delhi early in 2002 providing its Metro rail services for the commuters.

DMRC Employee Details

  • DMRC had a work force of around 2400 employees back in 2004 in various faculties and presently is believed to have increased its work force by over 8000 employees.
  • It is also certain that the company has approximately 7 percent (nearly 577) of its work force as officers and the remaining of the work force is employed as non-executive working staff.

DMRCF general Recruitment Process

  • The company is believed to hire new recruits for different faculties including MBA professionals and Engineers along with other professional graduates.
  • Each new recruit has to undergo a three step recruitment process which includes Written Test, state of art interview session and Medical Exam.
  • During the process of recruitment it is certain that all new recruits are also provided with special training sessions.
  • Candidates have to under go the training sessions in Delhi at Shastri Park Training Institute.
  • Each candidate has to undergo training sessions in various modules staring from maintenance and Operations.
  • Under the module the recruits are offered with different aspects required to operate and maintain the new transportation system.

Training sessions and workshops

  • Employees are offered with workshop training sessions via improved and advanced simulation programs for Driver’s training.
  • DMRC also offers with training sessions for new staff for Metro projects in cities like Jaipur, Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi and Bangalore metro at the Institute.
  • A special selected batch of executive officers also has to under go a technical training session for one year via IIT Delhi as a part of Metro Diploma.

DMRC Employee Salary Information

  • DMRC offers unskilled employees with minimum pay scale of Rs 6090 to over Rs 9300 monthly while at semiskilled and skilled level the salary is around RS 6670 to 11470 and Rs 8000 to around Rs 14140 monthly.
  • JDM/Steno/Drvs are paid a monthly package of Rs 10170 to Rs 18500 while JE/JDM/Asst/Dvrs are paid around Rs 13500 monthly to over Rs 25520 monthly basis.
  • SDM/TA/Sr/SPA are offered with over 14000 to 26950 Rupee monthly and SSE/CDM/SSO are paid with monthly salary of Rs 18500 to Rs 35600.
  • Manager and Asst. Manager are paid with pay scale of Rs 24900 to Rs 50500 and Rs 20600 to Rs 46500 monthly basis.
  • GM and Jt. Gm draw a salary of Rs 29100 to Rs 54500 and Rs 36600 to Rs 62000 monthly while Ad. GM is paid a salary of Rs 43200 to Rs 66000 every month.
  • DMRC pays executive director with salary of Rs 62000 to Rs 80000 while Director of DMRC is paid Rs 75000 to Rs 100,000 every month. The MD of DMRC is paid a salary of Rs 80000 to over Rs 125000 every month.
  • Apart from the monthly salary package it is certain that DMRC also pays its employees with additional perks and benefits including 30 percent HRA, DA and 35 percent Perks.

Additional Benefits for employees

  • Over 20 percent of DNRC employees also get to enjoy free accommodation facility while Non executive employees get to take full benefit of Home loans valued to Rs 15 to 20 lakh amount.
  • DMRC also provides its working staff with free medical facilities and treatments in a number of private sector hospitals including Fortis and Max.
  • It is also certain that DMRC employees get to take benefit of Paid Sickness leave compensation along with concession on leave travel.
  • Employees also are paid with their Disability and life insurance coverage by DMRC along with allowance for mobile phone recharge facility.
  • Employees of DMRC also are offered with Paternity leave facility as supplemental along with complete coverage for employee Provident funds.
  • Employees at DMRC also get full benefit of post retirement plans and gratuity fund benefit.

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