Electricity Allowances Rules Eligibility In Seventh Pay Commission

Electricity Allowances Rules Eligibility In seventh pay commission

In the current time and age, we cannot even think the environment with the no power and electricity. Yes, the electricity plays the most important role in every home and business premises. In fact, the entire business world is now dependent upon the electricity for their success and the survival. Of course, all the appliances and the fixtures are used worldwide depend upon this essential source of energy. In this way, the electrical power is important for our day to day life. In fact, it is offered by the government of the state and it is important to pay a certain amount of money for your consumption. So, it is important to know about the electricity allowance rules in the most effective manner.

Electricity allowances Rules Eligibility

Often employers pay their employees for the actions carried by them in order to be updated in their relevant work field. Government too not an exception to that list, both central and state government pays electricity allowances to their desired employees for being up-to-date on their work nature.

Below listed table illustrate the basics about allowances system in India

S.No Facts about Allowances Detailed Information
1 What is called Allowances? Allowances are the extra money paid by employers to employees other than the regular pay.
2 Need of Allowances? Often, companies’ pays for employees for the office/work activities carried other than work place.
3 Reason behind Electricity Allowances? Electrical allowance is one, which offered by many employers even government to their employee’s behalf of carried office works or to be updated with their work field all time.
  • Seventh pay commission’s eligibility

According to the seventh pay commission, an employee can get the allowance for their variety of things. As the same way, it is also possible to get the allowances for their electricity usages also. Actually, the government of India has recommended an average of 23.5 per cent tramp in salaries and stipend of the Central government of staff and the same is likely to be simulated in the state governments too. So, it is highly essential to know about the eligibility under 7th pay commission to get the informiclesation about your pay.

In that manner, the minimum pay in government is recommended to be set at Rs.18000 per month and the maximum amount should be Rs. 250000 per month. This new pay structure of the pay commission has also recommended terminating 52 kinds of allowances too. In addition to that, some 36 additional allowances are terminated according to the separated entities. In these abolished allowances, the electricity allowance is also the one and so more controversies have been raised in the pay commission due to this changed pay structure.

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