Gallantry Award Allowance

Gallantry Award Allowance

Government has recently revised the rules for gallantry Awards Allowances for the widows. After repeated appeal by a late army man’s wife since 1972, the government has announced that the widow of a gallantry award receiver will get the allowances until her death. Unlike earlier times when it used to be stopped once the window remarries.

What is gallantry award allowance?

Gallantry Award Allowance is a monetary allowance that is given to the recipients or widows of late gallantry award receivers. Army officers, Navy Officers or any other person who serves the country can receive Gallantry awards for their extra ordinary contribution in serving the nation. Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra are the three most prestigious Gallantry Awards in India.

Widowers of those officers who have lost their life in serving the nation and received gallantry awards for their extra ordinary contribution towards the country get Gallantry Award Allowances after their husband’s death.

Rules for Gallantry Award Allowance

According to the rule of Indian Government, the recipients will get allowances until his death and after his death his widower will continue to receive the Gallantry Award Allowances until she gets married again. Once she remarries the allowances will stop. Only the rule does not apply to those women who marry their late husband’s brother. In such cases the women will continue to receive the same ever after remarriage.

New Rules

Against the existing rules by the central government, a woman who was widower of an Army Man has appealed several times since 1972. In that very year she lost her husband after few months of marital life. After two years of her husband’s death she remarried to another Army Officer. As soon as she got married the allowances got stopped. She appealed for it several times so that the rule gets changed.

Though the rules on allowances and other benefits keep changing frequently but this rule has never changed. In a recent time the central government finally gave a nod to the new rule that says the widow will keep receiving the allowances until her death. It does not matter whether she remarries or not. Also the condition of remarries to husband’s brother has been removed as well.


On 16th November 2017, the Ministry of Defence has published the official letter where they announced about the revised rules. As per the new rule the recipient who is alive will receive the allowances. After his death his widow who is legally married to the recipient will continue to receive the same until her death. There is no other condition on that.


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