Kerala 10th Pay Commission Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance Hindi

Kerala 10th Pay Commission Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance Hindi

Latest news about Kerala 10th Pay Commission

Government of Kerala state had announced the 10th pay commission plan on 30th November 2013. The plan was announced with an aim to modify the already existing pay commission plan for revised pay scale and allowances. The plan offers revised wage for employees in the government sector along with casual sweepers and other contingent service employees.

Under the scheme the government also expects to offer revised pay for employees working in government aided colleges and schools in the state. Apart from this, the plan is also aims at revising the present wage structure, fringe benefits and promotional avenues for employees.

Pay revision order

  • The government of Kerala has submitted 10th Pay commission report Part 2 in the cabinet meeting held in the state. Apart from revising the salary of employees the report also suggests implementation of insurance and health schemes for employees. The committee has also included suggestions that the government shall consider reducing the number of casual leave and public holidays for the employees in the state.
  • The commission also stated in its report that the employees would be entitled to receive around 15 casual leave annually along with 15 paid leave for public holidays.
  • The first report submitted by the cabinet focused more on revising the present pay structure for employees along with offering increased pension and allowance in the state. The pay commission is aimed to offer revised salaries to various employees in different government sectors including state government managed universities and medical colleges.

Expected Pay Scale / Salary / DA and allowances

  • The 10th pay commission recommended to set a minimum pay scale for lower grade employee equivalent to around Rs 17,000 which is around Rs 1700 more as compared to the previous pay scale.
  • The commission has also announced the fixing of maximum pay scale at least seven times more as compared to the minimum pay scale. The maximum limit set by the commission is equivalent to Rs 1,20,000.
  • The committee has also announced that it shall be offering a revised increment of 3 to 5 percent of the basic pay. Apart from this the employee shall also be entitled to receive DA equivalent to 84 percent of the present basic pay.
  • The commission has also recommended revising the pay scale by 3 percent on the new revised minimum pay. This shall be applied to employees working in government sectors for 27 different pay scales.

Kerala Pay Scale Calculator

  • According to the earlier pay scale the difference in per capita income was added to the Basic pay scale of the employee. After this the DA equivalent to around 64 percent was added to it to get the new gross pay for the employee.
  • The 10th pay scale is calculated by adding the new revised basic pay to the per capita income for the employee. DA equivalent to around 80 percent shall be added to this for calculating the new revised pay scale of the employee.

Key Features

  • One of the main features of the new pay commission is that it shall be focusing on modifying the present pay scale for employees along with offering increment in other allowances. The pay commission has made recommendations to offer the new revised pay structure for employees working at different levels in government firms and offices.
  • The pay commission plan is also expected to offer benefits to employees in different educational institutions that are run by the government. Apart from this, any institution that falls under direct wage scheme including the lower grade employees (sweepers and cleaners) and part-time employees shall also be valid for getting the benefit under this pay commission plan.
  • It is also clearly stated that any employee who is getting the pay benefit from central government shall not be entitled to get benefit under the 10th pay commission scheme. This includes the teaching and non teaching staff enrolled in various government run universities and colleges.
  • Apart from this, any employee who is working in these universities and colleges and is not presently enrolled under the central government pay scale shall be getting benefit under the pay commission plan.
  • The 10th pay commission is also expected to perform a complete analysis of each employees present state of emoluments and other benefits received with an aim to revise it according to the new pay commission plan. This includes benefits like DA, Promotion and fringes.
  • The commission has also recommendations to implement better promotion offers for new non-cadre employees. This is valid for both government gazette and non-gazette employees in the state.
  • According to the recommendations made in the commission plan the committee is also expected to offer better suggestions for state pensioners who are working in the government sector. It is certain that the new pay commission plan is revised to offer state employees with similar benefits as that of central government employee.
  • Apart from this the commission is also expected to look into and revise the salary hike given to employees earlier prior to the implementation of the 10th pay commission plan.

With the announcement of the part two of the report the government has made it very clear that it has recommendations for revising the gross salary for employees looking at the increasing prices. With this the government has also made it very clear that with present economic condition in the state, employees will have to work for more number of days.

The government has decided to lower the number of paid leaves for the employees along with offering other benefits including health and life insurance coverage. A complete comprehensive health scheme has also been introduced by the government for the employees in the 10th pay commission plan. The official report of the commission plan was also submitted to the cabinet and the CM of the state.

The report was submitted by the committee to be implemented in the present fiscal year. With the implementation of new health plan it is obvious that the government has managed to take new steps for improving the conditions of the employee.

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