7th Pay Commission Of Manipur (Pay Scale, Salary, Allowance) Hindi

7th Pay Commission Of Manipur (Pay Scale, Salary, Allowance) Hindi

The government of Manipur has announced the implementation of the 7th Pay commission plan in the state. Just like any other state, it is expected that the new pay plan will offer employees with better pay scale, improved and better incentives and allowances for both employees and pensioners. The order for implementation of the play plan in the state was given away by the finance department to the cell responsible for pay implementation.Central has also launched 7th pay commission.

Date of implementation

According to the sources it is certain that the latest implementation memorandum was given to the state government by the finance secretariat in a conference conducted on 17th April for immediate implementation.

Important Recommendations and date under the pay plan

  • The 7th pay plan aims at deciding the new revised pay scale along with other allowances for state employees/ pensioners. Under the new recommendations stated it is certain that there have been a demand of offering 90 percent to 110 percent dearness relief / allowance of the Basic/ Pension to be ineffective from 1st April 2015.
  • Under the same pay plan there have also been further recommendations of increasing allowance to around 107 percent to 113 percent for implementation from 1st April 2016 of the basic pay or pension offered to the state employees / pensioners.Central has also declared Allowance in 7th Pay Commission.

Key features of pay plan

  • Under the pay plan it is certain that the implementation will be made by the government for revising the basic pay scale for employees in the state. Under the same recommendations it is certain that the special pay offered will not be revised.
  • Recommendations also state that dearness allowance will under no circumstances be considered as employees pay as under FR 9(21) act it is placed as a very distinct element.
  • Under the recommendations made the government has stated that when rounding off the revised salary it will be rounded off on the higher side. This means that if the basic salary involves 50 paise or more then it will be rounded off to next higher rupee whereas lower side may definitely be ignored.
  • It is also certain that the new rate will be applicable on dearness allowance for family / basic pension for senior citizens (pensioners / family pensioners) depending on their age factor.
  • The government will round off the revised dearness relief payment to the next higher rupee.
  • All other factors will not be affected under the provisions for dearness relief for re-employed state employees and employed families.
  • For political / old age pensioners the dearness relief will not be effective under the 7th pay plan. (Pensioners benefits under 7th CPC in central.
  • The dearness relief amount will be calculated for pensioners and employees by nationalized banks and other respective financial institutions.
  • The payment under the relief will be arranged by the accountant general of the state.


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