Meghalaya 5th Pay Commission Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance

Meghalaya 5th Pay Commission Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance  

Years are passing by and inflation rates are on the peak. There are different areas to be considered, when inflation rates are considered. One of the prime aspect that is related to the same is increase of salary for employees. To start of there are the government employees. Central government has declared their pay commission and now is the time for the state government to increase their salary.  Recent declaration from the Chief Minister, Mukul Sangma said that he is going to declare the 5th pay commission in this month. So, just go through the dates and the percentage that will be offered.

Latest News about Meghalay Pay Commission

According to finance minister, the latest pay commission of the state was in the year 2009. Now, that will be revised again and rescheduled in the year, making it 32% and retrospective in nature. Along with the decision, it has been stated by the commission that there is an additional need of 100 crore above than the preestimated 105 crores. This is to meet the demand of the state government in the aspect of expenses, that it will incur for the pay commission itself. In other sense, there has been a demand to make the pay commission at par to the central government need.

Declaration from different declarations of commission suggested that there will be an additional increase in all parts of the salary of the state government employees and that will be creating impact on the entire financial condition of the state. It will be impacting the dearness allowance of the employees and along with that other allowances, like that of the medical expenses and even the hill expenses will be affected in the same way.

What Finance Ministry Said About the Pay Commission

According to the decision, there will be an increase of basic salary by 32% for at least 80000 state employees. 32% increase in the basic means there will be an equivalent reflection on the dearness allowance, which is again going to affect the other appliances. There are different factors that will be affected for the same and that will range to an average of 37% increase in the gross salary of the employees. For the entire thing, the expense as is expected is near to 100 crores, which includes salary hike of 80000 employees and along with that additional amount calculated from 2012. However, there are other impacts in the pay commission too. Expectation of the staffs was near to 45% hike, which according to them, is at par with the market financial condition. However, the escalated amount is not according to the demand of the employees.

Records according to Meghalaya finance department website

According to the pay commission board of advisories, the demand of the state employees was 25% and the pay commission made is quite well meeting their demand. According to the commission board, the number of employees to be covered includes 99000 regular employees. The increase in the number is due to the 20000 pensioners, that are there with the employees. That is the reason of the upgrade of the fund, that has been raised by 1200 crores in a FY. Earlier that was 1260 crores and now that has been increased to 2460 crores – so an average 100 crore inflation every month has been assigned by the state finance minister in hos declaration of 5th pay commission.

Pay Scale/ Salary, DA and Allowance details of Meghalay State 

There are different employee staffs that are there in the list to be upgraded. According to the declaration, civil engineers are at the top of the list, near about 22% of the entire amount of salary goes to them. This is for the reason that lots of infrastructural works are running now in the state. Account departmental employees and teaching staffs comprises another 20% o the total salary paid. However, High school teachers alone remains with 15% of the total salary. Hence, there are endless ways to support the service. If these four professionals are collected, it will cover near to about 50% of the total salary paid. Executive, officers and data entry operators comprises another 20% of the total salary. The rest percentage is for the 4th grade employees and for the pensioners.

Expected employee /beneficiary under 5th pay Commission in the state

If you are interested in knowing what will be the increased percentage after the 5th commission , you can get to several portals and initiate the calculator. Calculation will be initiated instantly and will be fetched instantly to you. However, the best way to get the support is to find the reflection in your salary account. That will include the arear amount too. However, the date of paying the arear has not been declared till date. It will be declared soon by the state finance minister.

State Budget for The Pay Commission

Finally, you will be getting the 5th pay commission in the state of Manipur. Board for calculating the same is already in the service and they are trying their best to make the declarations soon. So, hope for the best time and watch out the salary hike. Commission claims with their interim declaration that it will be 25% hike on the current gross salary. So, it will be meeting the demand of the employees, very well.


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