7th Pay Commission For New Delhi Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th Pay Commission For New Delhi Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

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The Seventh Pay commission launched by the Delhi Government this fiscal year 2017 – 18 has managed to add smiles to faces of thousands of government and private sector employees in the countries Capital city. The Delhi government has clearly stated that it is implementing salary hike for employees of various sectors. The statement was made official after the approval in a meeting by several officials of the Union Cabinet.

Date of Implementation

  • According to the notifications made by the officials of Delhi government the implementations of the plan shall be in effective from January 1st The implementations would be made under the 7th Pay commission plan.
  • The officials have also stated that the implementations would be made for revising the salaries of the employees including allowances and pension.
  • Apart from this the officials had also recommended that the employees would be paid the new revised salary amounts in the following month so that all their arrears could be cleared in single go.

Committee Panel / Delhi government Finance Department

  • The committee responsible for implementing the 7th Pay Commission was headed by members of City administration and senior official from Delhi government sectors. All notifications legally made for the employees were official approved by Najeeb Jung (Lt. Governor) of Delhi.
  • Jung was also responsible for issuing all legal statements referring to Pension hike and salary hike for employees.
  • Statements regarding to payment of past arrears to employees were official made by Manoj Kumar (Dy. Secretary). He was also responsible for issuing the similar statements to HODs in various sectors. The committee was also comprised of a number of members from other government departments including the Finance Ministry.

Budget Allocation For 7th Pay Commission

  • It is certain that under the new pay commission plan, the government of Delhi had announced a salary hike by around 2.5 times as compared to last years pay scale for all employees working for government sectors.
  • With the approval of the new pay commission plan it is certain that the committee had made a recommendation of implementing the plan with effective from the month of January 2017. Apart from this the government had also made an official announcement of clearing all past arrears for the employees by the following month.
  • The government had reserved an additional budget of around 2000 crore annually that will be paid for revised salaries and pensions for the employees.

Revised Pay Scale / Salary / DA / Pension / Arrears  under 7th Pay Commission

  • With the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission plan by Delhi government it is certain that government had reserved the calculated amount for paying salary and pension to the employees. According to the sources over lakhs of employees would get the benefit of the new revised pay scale and pension plans.
  • The officials had also made the recommendations of hike in salary and pension amount would be around 2.5 times employee’s basic pay and pension.
  • According to reliable sources the government had officially declared that the minimum pay scale for employees in the entry level shall be around eighteen thousand per month. This amount was far much better as compared to seven thousand per month that was paid to the employees till last year.
  • In another statement government officials had also made it very clear that the hike in salary would be much higher at the secretary level for employees. According to the recommendations high level officials can expect o get a salary between 90,000 per month to around 2.5 lakh per month as the basic wage.
  • Recommendations also state that the salary for officers of class one level can be around fifty-six thousand per month. The government officials have also stated that this hike in salary would be for employees at the entry level for government sectors.

Apart from this, the recommendations have also been made by the committee that it shall be clearing all past arrears in single installment for the employees. All other factors and allowances shall also be paid to the employees according to the recommendations in the Pay commission plan.

Salary calculator Under 7th Pay Commission

According to the recommendations in the 7th Pay Commission plan, the hike in salary has been considered to be by 2.5 times the present basic pay. So if you want to calculate your new revised pay scale then you need to add your past basic pay to 2.5 times more the amount. Most websites launched by the government have also provided with a Salary calculator that can be used by anyone.

It has also been stated that the government has calculated arrears for employees keeping in mind the revised pay scale. According to the points in the Pay commission, employees are entitled for receiving difference in salary from the month of January. Also other adjust will be calculated including NPS and GPF according to the recommendations of the Pay commission and revised pay scale.

As for employees they can assure that all arrears will also be settled by the government within short period of time.

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