Medical Insurance Scheme for Bank Employees and Officers who have retired after 1-10-2015

Medical Insurance Scheme for Bank Employees and Officers who have retired after 1-10-2015

In most of the health insurance plans that are available for government and private organizations, one of the most important drawbacks is that they rarely include aged people in their insurance coverage. Even when they have very few plans that also include old aged people, there will be a number of restrictions in the maximum claim amount that makes it difficult for people to just spend money for insurance which will return nothing during emergency.


There has been a long call from most of the bank employee to make sure that they are getting best insurance coverage during their old ages which in turn must be sponsored by the respective organization that they have served. For benefiting those retired bank personnel, a new insurance policy have been introduced which will benefit all sorts of bank employees in a number of aspects.

S.No Interesting facts about Medical Insurance Detailed Information
1 Under which Scheme Medical Insurance for retired bank staffs processed Medical Expenses Reimbursement Insurance Scheme
2 Under which Insurance Company this scheme carried United India Insurance Company
3 Sum Assured for Medical Coverage For Officers Rs. 4 Lac/annum; For Staffs: Rs.3 Lac/annum

Coverage for the whole family

The drawback that was present in the old insurance policy that has been followed for a long period of time is that they will not provide for the concern of family members of bank employees. It is not an easy task for retired people to step up to the respective agencies and claim back their money within a short span of time. To make sure that such things are not taking place in the current policy, following points has been clearly put forward so that it is easy for all bank employees to make their process of reimbursement within a short span of time.

  • It has been mentioned clearly that the maximum amount of claim that is eligible for employee category is 3 lakhs and for category of officers is 4 lakhs
  • Reimbursement can be made for all types of medical expenses that incurs when the dependent family member or the employee itself is hospitalized
  • Clear definition of how much reimbursement can be made for admission in regular wards and ICU care units has been stipulated well cut to avoid any further confusions
  • Request for reimbursement will be taken into consideration immediately as soon as bank employee or officer is providing relevant bills and supporting documents

Best benefits for all employees

All the above mentioned benefits will be provided to employee at a very meager cost of around 6000 per year in case of officers and 5000 per year in case of employee category. There is no need to pay anything apart from this as the rest amount which must be paid will be taken care by the respective banks. Only those bank personnel retired after 15thOctober2015 can able to enroll in this scheme. Any employee enrolled in some other plan during the period of retirement is not allowed to enroll into the new insurance scheme. Whatever that they have been enrolled earlier will be applicable to them. Also there is no age restriction put forward for enrolling in this scheme. Retired bank personnel of any age can be enrolled.

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