Modified Assured Career Progression MACP Rules Regulation For Govt Employee Under 7th Pay Commission

Modified Assured Career Progression MACP Rules Regulation For Govt Employee Under 7th Pay Commission

The Modified Assured Career Progression has recommended in the 6th Pay commission. This is a new scheme for the government employees to enhance their career during their services. The MACP is a scheme that introduced in the 6th Pay Commission. The scheme is a supersession of the previous career oriented scheme ACP. In 7th pay commission the MACP scheme has revised a little. Under this scheme, the employee can expect total three payroll upgrades during the entire services. Also the scheme says only three upgrades will be provided to the employee, not more than that. Here in this article I will discuss about the brief detail of MACP scheme for the government employees and how this scheme works.

Modified Assured Career Progression MACP Rules regulation

What is MACP?

MACP or Modified Assured Career Progression is a scheme that launched in the 6th pay commission report. The scheme is designed for the government employees. However the scheme is not applicable to all the employees working under state or union government, only Group A, B and C employees will be considered under the scheme.

According to the scheme each employee will get a payroll upgrade after serving at least 12 years in the same grade. The second upgrade will be given after 24 years and the final will be given after 30 years of service.

If the employee gets a promotion after 5 years and reach to higher grade, then he /she will get another hike under scheme only after 5+12 = 17 years of servicing in that position.

MACP Rules and Regulations

According to the guidelines of the MACP scheme there are some types of promotion that can be occurred in an employee’s career during his/her service.

Upgrade type 1: If the employee is serving under the same grade (4200/-) for 10 years, the first upgrade will be after 10 years that is Rs. 4600/- . The 2nd upgrade will take place after 10+10 = 20 years i.e. the employee will reach at Rs. 4800/- GP and final upgrade will be after 20+10 = 30 years when he will reach at Rs. 5400/- GP.


Upgrade type 2: If the employee will get promoted after 5 years, the 2nd upgrade he/she will receive after 5+10 years of time. The 3rd and final will be after 15+10 = 25 years of service.


Upgrade type 3: If the employee gets promoted after 5 years and then again promoted after 7 years then the upgrade will take place after (5+7+10) = 22 years of his/her service. That upgrade will be the final upgrade for them under the scheme.

Expected MACP Rules in 7th Pay Commission 

There are many issues that have arrived after the implementation of the MACP scheme. Some of the authorities have said that the rules are not viable as the promotion will occur every 10 years of the service and not more than three in total. If the employee gets promoted several times in his/her service career then the MACP will not be considered.

On the other the authorities also claimed that after serving for the 10 years only Rs. 200 or sometimes Rs. 100/- is added to the salary as the scheme depends on the grade pay only.

In 7th pay commission, according to the recommendation, the number of promotion might be raised to 5 times instead of 3 in whole servicing career. Also the time span has changed to 10 years from 12 years after 6th pay commission.

MACP Rules for Central Government

  • For the central government employees MACP scheme is applicable for the officers working under Group A, B and C. Employees working under group D and more will not be eligible to take the benefit of the scheme.
  • Also the employees who are working under central government organisation and falling under the pay band 3 will get the benefit of MACP scheme.
  • The scheme is applicable to the central government officers up to HAG level of A-Group officers.
  • The upgrade will be provided in 3 intervals 10 years, 20 and 30 years.

MACP Rules for Railways

  • Officers working under Group A, B and C will be eligible to get benefited from the scheme
  • The upgrade will be given in 3 intervals 10, 20 and 30 years of service in railways
  • The promotion can be hiked till the Grade Pay of Rs. 12, 000/-
  • Advantage of pay fixation can also be enjoyed at the time of regular upgrade of the pay.
  • The pay scale under pay fixation can be raised up to 3% of the basic salary.
  • Under PB-3 if the employee reaches the grade pay of Rs. 6600/- then under the scheme it will be ‘good’ benefit and if the GP is Rs. 7600/- then there will be ‘very good’ applicable under the scheme.

MACP Rules for Teachers

Teachers who are working under central government schools, especially teachers from Kendriya Vidyalaya will be eligible to get the benefit under the MACP scheme. In the earlier times, before 6th Pay commission they were eligible to receive the advantage of the Assured Career Progression (ACP) scheme. As the ACP scheme has abolished and MACP scheme has launched instead so the rules will be same as the MACP has for other officers.

  • The promotion will be given in three intervals 10, 20 and 30 years
  • The promotional will be depending on the grade pay of the teacher and only the grade pay will be hiked after the upgrade under the scheme.
  • Teachers from KV and other central government schools will be eligible for the scheme
  • No temporary teachers or lecturers will get the benefit of MACP. Only permanent and salaried teachers can receive the advantages under MACP scheme.

MACP Rules for Army

For the defence sector the MACP does not make any difference after 7th CPC. According to the 6th Pay commission, the intervals of promotion will be 8, 12 and 24 years unlike other officers. For the soldiers, they could only enjoy one or two promotions due to early retirement in their career. Though it was recommended to change the intervals, 7th CPC does not seem to change their decision. So for the army people the rules will be same as before.

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