MRO Pay Scale Salary Allowance And Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

MRO Pay Scale Salary Allowance And Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

The Telangana government has come up with a step in order to fulfill the vacancy that is found in the post of Deputy MRO. Therefore to have the candidates who are capable of that particular post, the government is planning to release the advertisements in which they are indicating the qualification and the number of candidates that they are looking for this particular post.

MRO Pay Scale Salary Allowance And Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

MRO Pay scale, Salary and Grade Pay

As per the declaration the employee working for the transport section is expecting to have 3 pay bands and with it the entry level for them will be around Rs 15600 per month and it will neither include any grade pay, perks nor and allowances. Sometimes it may vary up to Rs 50000 per month based on the designation that the officer is holding.

MRO State wise salary

Sl. no State name Pay scale / salary Grade pay
1 Uttar Pradesh Rs 15600 to Rs 39100 Rs 3600
2 Maharashtra Rs 14800 to Rs 34000 Rs 3600
3 Karnataka Rs 28100 to Rs 50100 Rs 3600
4 Jammu and Kashmir Rs 55000 (approx) Rs 3600
5 Andhra Pradesh Rs 25500 to Rs 49500 Rs 3600

 MRO Perks and allowances

Here are some of the perks and allowances that a government employee can expect from the government and it is as per the 7th pay commission so these are as follows:

  • As per the instruction associated suggested by the 7th pay commission states that the central government employee will get 113% of the basic pay scale and it can be said as the dearness allowances.
  • The experienced government employee will receive house rent allowances and it will be based on the basic entry level salary.
  • The candidates will also have the medical allowances and it will also be depending upon the basic pay salary. The medical allowances include family members like wife, old parents and kids.
  • The allowances for travel are also allotted for the government employee and on every ten years they are allowed to go for a tour with the family members.
  • After the retirement the employees are offered with the pension. Apart from pension they are also offered with the gratuity and other retirement facilities like the medical allowances, medical etc.
  • The several other perks like the vehicles, phone bills, hardship allowances are also provided based on the performance of employees work.

With such opportunity numbers of people who are jobless and willing have the have better opportunity are getting the right job and therefore people in this particular state is enjoying the opportunity that they are getting from the government. Thereby it leads to the development of the state.


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