Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana in Gujarat 2020

Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana in Gujarat 2020 – Godown Subsidy Scheme (Eligibility, Amount, Application Form, Documents)

The Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana has been started by Gujarat state government aiming for betterment of the poor state farmers. With the help of the scheme benefits, it can help farmers handle the problems that crop up due to cross loss every year. For construction of storage of crop, the state government has taken the initiative of the entitled scheme. From online application to checking its eligibility online, other relevant details are enumerated in the following part of the article.

Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana in Gujarat

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana launch details –

Name of scheme


Mukhyamantri Pak Sanghar Yojana

Target group of scheme


Poor farmers of Gujarat

Main objective of scheme


Offer financial help to the farmers to handle crop loss

Scheme launched in



Scheme announced by


CM Vijay Rupani, Gujarat

Financial help for per storage unit

Rupees 30000

Key features of the Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana –

  1. Main objective of scheme – The purpose of scheme launch is to offer assistance to farmers to survive crop loss. With the help of the financial help, they can build storage space for suitable crop storage
  2. Target group of the scheme – The poor farmers who suffer crop loss due to adverse weather conditions in Gujarat are the beneficiaries of the scheme
  3. Benefits for the farmers – With help of the storage facility, it shall help farmers to prevent crop loss at the time of cyclone or unseasonal rain problems
  4. Financial help given by government – Gujarat state government will offer rupees 30, 000 for building up storage of farming crops for the help of the farmers.

Eligibility Criteria –

  • Residential details – As the scheme has been launched by Gujarat state government, only the farmers of the state are eligible
  • Profession details – The applicants need to be farmer by professional to avail of the scheme benefits
  • Identification proof – The candidate has to furnish proper identification detail at the time of registration for the scheme
  • Income details – The farmers need to produce their income details and based on its limit, they will be considered eligible for the scheme perks

List of documents

  • Residential details – The applicant should have proper residential proof to justify their claim of permanent natives of the state
  • Income details – Farmers should have proper income certificate to be produced for registration under the scheme
  • Identification proof – As identification, candidate has to produce Aadhaar card, voter ID card, ration card and passport size photograph
  • Farming details – The farming should show land documents and provide contact details to scrutiny their given information further

How to apply for Gujarat Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana  –

As this is a newly launched scheme by Gujarat state government, the details of online application are yet to be declared. The government will offer rupees 30000 for the storage of crops. As soon as the details are given on the official portal, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. For this, the interested candidate has to keep a watch on the official portal.

By successful launch of the scheme, the main objective of state government is to help the farmers increase their income and protect the crops from destruction in adverse weather conditions.   


Q: What is Mukhya Mantri Paak Sangrah Yojana?

Ans: Scheme has been launched by Gujarat state government

Q: How to apply for Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana?

Ans: Registration details are yet to be declared by state government

Q: What are the main benefits of Gujarat Paak Sangrah Yojana?

Ans: State government will offer financial help for crop storage

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