Nurse Rank Pay Scale, Slip, Pension, Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Nurse Rank Pay Scale, Slip, Pension, Allowance
Under 7th Pay Commission 

There are two ranks of nurses in the hospitals as per the central govt. regulations. These two ranks are Staff Nurses and Nursing Sisters. Nurses are appointed in the central govt. run hospitals. Currently the central govt. nurses get their salary as per the old pay scale i.e. as per 6th pay commission. The nurses fall under the Group B of the employees of the central govt. After the implementation of the new pay commission i.e. the 7th pay commission, the nurses will also experience hike in salary structures as well as other benefits.

Nurse Rank Pay Scale Slip Pension Allowance  Under 7th Pay Commission

  • Current pay scale of the nurses of the central government

The current pay structure of the nurses was designed and implemented in the year of 2008 when the last central pay commission was implemented. As per the existing structure, the nurses under the central government get their salary and other incentives as per the Pay Band 2. Their pay scale under the Pay Band 2 is Rs. 9,300 – Rs. 34,800. This includes a grade pay of Rs. 4,800. The grade pay and the basic pay decide the overall salary of the nurses employed under the central government. Apart from this, they also receive the Dearness Allowance (DA) which is at present 125 per cent.

  • Expected pay scale of nurses under the 7th Central Pay Commission

After the implementations of the 7th CPC this year, the nurses will also experience a major leap in their salary structures, allowances and pension structures. As the nurses use to get their salary under the pay scale of Rs. 9,300 – 34,800 with Grade pay of Rs. 4,800. But with new CPC, the pay scale may get revised to Rs. 29,900 – 1,04,400 which will attract a grade pay of Rs. 14,400. But the DA will get dissolved after the new pay commission gets implemented. The current rate of DA which is a major factor in deciding the overall salary is 125 per cent.

  • Nursing allowance remains same under the 7th central pay commission

The nurses of the central government get some special type of allowances which are combined called nursing allowance. This special type of allowance is received by the nurses of all central govt. hospitals, army hospitals, railways, etc. There are four allowances received by the nurses which are namely Nursing allowance, Messing allowance, Uniform allowance and Washing allowance. These four allowances are received by the central govt. nurses in addition to their regular salaries each month. Under the 7th Pay commission, the rates of these above nursing allowances have not been revised. These allowances were decided during the implementation of the 6th pay commission. So the nurses are unhappy with the government’s decision not to increase the nursing allowances in the 7th CPC.

  • Structure of salary and allowances of the Central Govt. nurses

Sl. No. Attributes Related Information
1 Name of rank Staff Nurses and Nursing Sisters
2 Employee group Group B
3 Pay band PB II
4 Current pay Scale Rs. 9,300 – 34,800
5 Current Grade Pay Rs. 4,800
6 Expected pay scale in 7th pay commission Rs. 29,900 – 1,04,400
7 Expected Grade pay in 7th pay commission Rs. 14,400
8 Nursing allowance Rs. 4800 p.m.
9 Washing allowance Rs. 450 p.m.
10 Uniform allowance Rs. 750 p.m.
11 Messing allowance Rs. 75 p.m.

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