Accident Allowance |Eligibility Criteria|Industrial |Railways Under 7th Pay Commission

Accident Allowance | Eligibility Criteria| Industrial | Railways Under 7th Pay Commission  

Accident Allowance is a financial help that is provided to the employees for occurrence of unfortunate incidents during service. For instance, railways or manufacturing units or places where employees can meet an accidents easily while working, provide accident allowance to the employees. Accident benefits are paid to any employee who is working under governmental organisation, public sector units, and railways and also under other industries as well. Any injuries or accidents that cause disability fall under accident allowance. A salaried employee who met any injuries at work or during work related activity is eligible for receiving the accident allowance. It depends on the degree of injury and circumstances. Different accidental cases receive different allowance.

Accident Allowance Eligibility Criteria Industrial Railways Employee Under 7th Pay Commission

  • What is accident allowance?

By definition, accident allowance means that if a worker gets injured or becomes disabled at work or during any training program related to work, he / she will receive a financial help from the employee. This financial aid or help is called the accident allowance. This allowance is only paid to those who are unable to continue working due to severe injury.

For instance, industrial labour, if a labour, during manufacturing or production process gets injured heavily and becomes disabled he will get an accident allowance for the rest of his life as now on he will not be able to work.

  • Accident Allowance eligibility

To receive the accident allowance the beneficiary needs to be an active worker with the employer. Other important eligibility criteria are

  • He person has to be a salaried employee in the organisation
  • The person must be working when the injury or accidents takes place, i.e. accident has to be work related.
  • The person must be under employment training or something like that.

One thing must be noted here that not all injuries are covered under accident allowance. This allowance will only be paid if the concerning person gets disabled and unable to continue work anymore. Running staff in Railways and other mechanics, industry mechanics and labours who work under accidental prone circumstances are allotted the accident allowance in India.

  • Accident Allowance in Railways

In Indian Railways, there are so many employees are working who can meet an accident at any point of time during their service. One such designation is running staffs. Generally running staffs are those who are involved in duties related to moving train. Before joining the job as running staff, the employer makes sure that they are well trained as the job demands extra care and activity.

In recent assessment year, 7th CPC has declared a salary hike for the running staffs in Railway department. According to the 7th pay commission declaration 30% of the basic pay will be given to the staffs as an allowance. Other than accident allowance, this 30% include overtime, leave, medical treatment and much more issues.

  • Industry Accident allowance

Industry accident allowance is something that is payable to the employees who get injured at work in industry level. As mentioned that an industry which is involved in manufacturing products or something like that offer accident allowance to the employees.

Governmental organisations, PSUs and other industries provide accident benefits to their injured labours that are unable to work due to such unfortunate events. Mostly the amount of the allowance depends on the basic pay of the concerning employee. Also there are some other points like nature of accidents, whether the injury is permanent or not, for how long the person will be disabled and so on.

The biggest industry in India is the Railways where a lot of people work and quite a large number of people get injured. That is why CPC has declared hiked accident allowance for the railway staff.

  • Accident Allowance – quick glance

Eligibility Get injured at work
Railway allowance 30%
Industry accident allowance Accident during work or having a disease

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