7th pay commission Pay Scale Salary Slip Grade Pay for Central & State Government Employees 2021

7th pay commission  Pay Scale| Salary Slip | Pay Grade for Central & State Government Employees 2021

Pay Scale Pay Slip Salary Grade Under 7th Pay Commission

7th pay commission pay scales for Central & state government employees

Sn. ·         Central And State Govt. Employee Pay Scale
1.         Air force Pay scale| Air force Pay Salary| Air force Grade Pay| Air force Rank
2.         Anganwadi Salary | ICDS Pay Scale | Anganwadi Grade Pay
3.         Army Pay Scale | Army Grade Pay | Army Salary | Army Rank
4.         Assistant Professors Pay Scale | Assistant Professors Salary | Assistant Professors Grade Pay
5.         Assistant Station Master Grade Pay | Assistant Station Master Pay Scale Salary
6.         Associate Professor Pay Scale | Associate Professor Grade Pay | Associate Professor Salary
7.         Bank Employee Pay Scale | Bank Employee Salary | Bank Employee Grade Pay
8.          BPCL Pay Scale | BPCL Salary | BPCL Grade Pay
9.         BSF Pay Scale | BSF Grade Pay | BSF Salary
10.     BSNL Employee Pay Scale | BSNL Employee Grade Pay | BSNL Employee Salary
11.     CISF Pay Scale | CISF Pay Slip | CISF Grade Pay | CISF Salary
12.     Commercial Clerks Superintendent Pay Scale salary Slip
13.     CRPF Pay  Scale | CRPF Pay Slip | CRPF Salary | CRPF Grade Pay
14.     Gram Dak Sevak GDS BMP Grade Pay| Gram Dak Sevak GDS BMP  Pay scale | Gram Dak Sevak GDS BMP Salary
15.     IAS Officer  Grade Pay | IAS Officer  Pay Scale | IAS Officer  Salary | IAS Officer  Rank
16.     IES Officer Pay Scale| IES Officer  Grade Pay | IES Officer Salary | IES Officer Rank
17.     IFS Officer Pay Scale | IFS Officer Grade Pay | IFS Officer Salary | IFS Officer Rank
18.     IPS Officer Salary| IPS Officer  Pay Scale| IPS Officer Grade Pay | IPS Officer Rank
19.     IRS Officer Rank Pay Grade | IRS Officer Rank Pay  Scale | IRS Officer Rank Salary
20.     ITBP Pay Scale | ITBP Grade Pay | ITBP Salary
21.     Judge (High Court Judge, Supreme Court Judge, District / Civil Court Judge) Grade Pay | Judge Pay Scale| Judge Salary
22.     Kendriya Vidyalaya Pay Scale | KVS Salary | KVS Grade Pay
23.     Lawyer Pay Scale | Lawyer Salary | Lawyer  Grade Pay
24.     Librarian,Deputy Librarian,Lab Assistant,Coordinator,Computer Centre Salary | pay scale | Grade Pay
25.     Lower Division Clerks LDC Pay Scale | LDC Grade Pay | LDC Salary
26.     MTNL Designations | MTNL Pay Scale | MTNL Grade | MTNL Pay Salary
27.     Navy Pay Scale| Navy Salary| Navy Grade| Navy Rank
28.     Non Teaching Staff Pay Scale | Salary
29.     Nurse Pay Scale| Nurse Grade Pay |Nurse Salary
30.     Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) Pay Scale | IOFS Grade Pay | IOFS Salary
31.     Paramilitary Force Pay Scale | Paramilitary Force Grade Pay | Paramilitary Force Salary
32.     Postman/ mail guard  Post Master Pay Scale | Postman/ mail guard  Post Master Salary | Postman/ mail guard  Post Master Grade Pay
33.     ·         Postal /  Post Office Employee Grade Pay | Postal /  Post Office Pay Scale | Postal /  Post Office Salary
34.     Principal / Head Master Pay Scale | Principal / Head Master Salary | Principal / Head Master Grade Pay
35.     PSU Grade Pay | PSU Pay Scale | PSU Salary | PSU Rank
36.     Railway Pay Scale | Railway Salary Calculator | Railway Rank | Railway Grade Pay
37.     Security Guard / Watchman  Pay Scale | Security Guard / Watchman Salary
38.     Teacher’s (Primary Teacher, High School Teacher, PGT qualified Teacher, CBSC Teacher, AICET  Teachers)Salary |Teacher’s Pay Scale | Grade Pay
40.     Ticket Collector, Ticket Master TC Pay Scale | Ticket Collector, Ticket Master TC Grade Pay | Ticket Collector, Ticket Master TC Salary
41.     Upper Division Clerks Pay Scale | UDC Salary | UDC Grade Pay

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  1. According to 7th pay revision, What should be the pay scale in a industry for the post of QC Inspector? (in central & psu)

  2. In this blog sr. no 28 -Non Teaching staff payscale -salary is not enabled. What is the reason?

    Also I have some query regarding this grade -Non Teaching Lab staff (Supporting staff Lab Assistant)
    1. The payscale ,qualification ,promotion and eligibility crieteria is very different for different places/Institute/States.

    Why it is like that?


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