Indian Air force Pay scale| Salary| Air force Grade Pay| Air force Rank| Air force Allowance| Air force Perks|Air force Benefits Under 7th Pay Commission

Indian Air force Pay scale| Salary| Air force Grade Pay| Air force Rank| Air force Allowance| Air force Perks|Air force Benefits
Under 7th Pay Commission

The Indian Air Force is one of the major three wings of the Indian Armed Forces which was incorporated in the year 1932. The other two wing being the army and the navy. The air force defends the Indian airspace. Being an important part of the country and defending India and its people, the service done by the employees of Air Force is commendable. For their service they are also paid well so as to keep their family happy and protected. Along with honor and pride, the employees of the Air Force also draw a good salary, which they totally deserve. And with the salary they are also eligible for many allowances and perks which the government provides them. The government keeps the salary and allowances of the Air Force up to date. Here is a detailed analysis of Air Force Employee’s pay-scale.

Air force pay scale Grade Rank Salary Allowance Perks

  • Indian air force Pay Scale|salary

The pay scale of the Indian Air Force is based upon the rank of the officer, the area of posting, branch, and the designation of the officer.

Pay structure Amount to be paid per month
Grade Pay, which is applicable for all, but differs with grade of each officer Rs.5400 minimum
Pay Band, must for all branches Rs.15600
Military Service Pay Rs.6000
Kit Maintenance Rs500


Dearness Allowance which is 80% of Gross Emoluments Rs.21600
Flying Allowance which applicable for officers in flying branch Rs.11250
Technical Allowance for officers in technical branch Rs.2500
Travel Allowance Rs.3200 in metro cities and Rs.1600 in other cities and towns

Also for the flying staff there is an allowance called the Flying allowance which various with the position of the flying staff. The Flying staff would include Flying Officer, Flying Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, and Air Commodore. Each of them having a different flying pay.

  • Indian air force grade pay

Like all other central government employees, the grade pay system is also applicable to the Air Force officers. It is a fixed pay that is given to the employees on the basis of the grade of their job. In the Air Force, there are Pay Band according to which the grade pay is decided. Each band has a different grade pay. For example the Flying Officer falls into Band Pb-3 and the grade pay is Rs.5400 whereas the Air Marshal falls into Band Pb-4 and the grade pay for this band is Rs.12000.

  • Indian air force rank

The monthly salary of the Air Force officer depends on his or her position. For instance the Air Commodore draws a monthly salary of Rs.13125 apart from the grade pay and the band pay. Similarly the Wing Commander draws a salary of Rs.17500 monthly apart from the other allowances.

Rank Monthly Salary In INR
Air Commodore 13125
Squadron Leader 17500
Flight Lieutenant 13750
Flying Officer 11250
Captain 17500
Wing Commander 17500 
  • India air force allowance

In the Indian Air Force experience is very important. This is the reason the pay scale of any officer increases as he or she gains experience. The salary of the officers depends on the branch that they belong to and as the officer gains experience, the pay increases. For the officers having an experience of 5 to 9 years the salary should be Rs.895050 lakhs in a years, for experience of 10 to 19 years. Likewise the benefits and perks of the officers also increase with experience.

  • Indian air force Perks

There are many perks that the Air Force officers are eligible for. The facilities includes life-long pensions, housing facilities, a vehicle depending on the grade and rank of the officer, free education of the children of the officer, travel concessions, paid leaves, free medical facilities, insurance and low rates of loan, fixed work hours, further study facilities, and many other facilities. The benefits of the officers totally depends on the band of the officers and also the experience of the officers. But some basic benefits are applicable for all the Air Force officers.

  • India air force benefits under 7th pay commission

Under the 7th pay commission the retirement benefits of the Air Force officers have been increased. Also the basic pay of the officers has been increased. For the grades of the officers the basic pay has been increased which means that the Grade Pay will increase. Also the travel allowance facilities of the officers has been increased. There have also been modifications made for the allowance of overtimes and night duty for all the officers. Apart from that allowances provided for the education of the children of the Air Force Officers have been increased.

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