Air hostess salary pay scale age limit and allowance in India after 7th pay commission

Air hostess salary pay scale age limit and allowance in India after 7th pay commission 

For the ladies, Air Hostess is one of the best jobs in India or any other countries. From the very childhood, it is believed by innumerable girls that an Air Hostess has a great salary package and perks. Well, we just cannot say that this is false. Air Hostesses do have a great salary package and perks. Especially after the 7Th pay commission, the pays have been altered and increased. The job is lovable for those. Some are of the opinion that the international flights and air hostess have better pay scales, than domestic flights. But you cannot just ignore the salary packages for domestic flights either. There are several duties to be performed as an air hostess. The starting salary is from 60000 to 100000. Apart from that, they are also offered with benefits like training, career development opportunities and a pleasant work environment.

  • The difference in domestic and international flights

Yes, it is true that in domestic flights, the salary package is less. But still, the pay is quite good; it starts from Rs 25000 to Rs 40000 in a month. And undoubtedly it is better than many other jobs available in India. In this article we will offer you a complete and detailed overview about the salary packages. In the domestic flight services, the salaries of Air hostesses vary according to different factors like the number of years, experience, appearance, communication, positive attitude and much more. But there will be a salary difference between executive airliner and low cost air line companies. In domestic airline flights, the ground salaries will vary according to job title.

As the fresher gains experience in this field, he/she is not only offered with a greater salary package, but they will also get new travelling opportunities. The flight attendances salaries depend on experience. The salary can also vary depending on the cities and corresponding costs of living. The perks and benefits of Air Hostesses include 13-17 off days in a month, retirement benefits, health and life insurance, kit allowance and added benefits of being high profile parties.

  • What are the duties of an air hostess?

They have to welcome the passengers on board, helping them in finding their seats, arrangement of the hand baggage, making important announcements and making passengers informed about the usage of safety are the duties of an air hostess. The minimum educational qualification necessary for

Air hostess is graduation before joining the Aviation industry. Apart from that you can also undergo the necessary aviation training courses from certain institutions like Frankfinn, Air Hostess Academy to get better experience. Apart from that you will need a good communication skill, an average height of 5.2 inches, fitness certificate, and swimming skills.

To become an air hostess, one needs to be properly trained from aviation or a hospitality academy. For boys, the average height is 164 cm. And a general rule is the candidate must be fair complexioned and unmarried.

Air hostess salaries

SL NO Airline company Monthly salary
1. Spicejet 35500
2. Air India 42750
3. Vistara Airlines 30050
4. Air IndiGo 33750
5. Jet Airways 36455
6. GoAir 31175
7. Jagson Airlines 28450

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