No modification in the allowances, nurses to go on strike

No modification in the allowances, nurses to go on strike

The nurses of the government hospitals are very unhappy with the decision of the government to not consider nurses in the Seventh Pay Commission. The seventh pay commission was submitted by the finance minister with all the modifications and new facilities given to government employees. But there was no increase in the pay scale of the nurses and no modifications were made in their allowance. The reason given by the government for not modifying any allowance or pay scale of the nurses was that the Nursing Allowance are at an appropriate level and so there is no need of any changes currently.

No modification in the allowances, nurses to go on strike

Current Stats and the Demands

The nurses feel that the government has been unfair to them by not increasing their allowances which they surely deserve.

The below listed tables gives the current stats of allowances receiving by nurses:

S.No Allowance Amount (Monthly Basis)
1 For Nursing Rs4800
2 For Cleaning Rs450
3 Food Rs75
4 For Uniforms Rs750

But now the nurses want a minimum of three times increase in these allowances and also demand some more addition of allowances like- risk and night duty allowances.

The protest

They say that they are eligible for all the benefits and allowances that have been given to other governments workers under this Seventh Pay Commission. The nurses feel that they have to face a lot of risk when handling patients with various infections and for this risk taken by them the government does not give them enough allowances. The government did not really give any replay for these demands of the nurses and so The All India Government Nurse Federation had decided and announced that they will go on a hunger strike, and now are on a relay of hunger strike which they say will go on till the 26th of February.

Another organization that representsthe nurses and supports these demands have decided to go on a strike from the 15th of March if the demands of the nurses are not met by then. They say that they would quit working in government hospitals until the government takes any action for meeting these demands of the nurses under the Seventh Pay Commission.

Government’s replay to this matter

The organizations say that they have being trying to negotiate their demands with the governments but there has been no response from the government’s end. The government seems to be negligent of these demands and protests and have not tried talking to the leaders of these nursing organizations.

So now one has to wait and see that how these protests take a turn and what the governments does about this issue.

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