Bad Climate Allowance Rules Eligibility Under 7th Pay Commission

Bad Climate Allowance Rules Eligibility
Under 7th Pay Commission

In recent times after the announcement of 7th pay commission there are several changes happen in government employees’ salary and pay scale. Most of the salaries get a hike and along with it most of the allowances are revised as well. One such allowance is bad climate allowance for the central government employees. Bad Climate Allowance is one such financial assistance that government pay off to those employees who are posted in hard locations. Officers who serve in defence unit or railways are often being posted in such areas where bad climate or unpleasant situations arrive. Central government has revised the rate of their allowances in 7th pay commission.

Bad Climate Allowance Rules Eligibility

  • Bad Climate Allowance Rules

There are hardship and risk allowances for the defence officers like CRPF and such. Bad climate allowances used to be one of the risk and hardship allowances. But from 7th pay commission the bad climate allowance is being abolished and considered to be an independent allowance for the employees who are posted in the hardship areas or nasty locations.

According to the general rules it was said that the employees will get allowances on the basis of their ranks and basic pay. It is obvious that higher ranked officers will get higher pay scale and that leads to higher allowances. But in 7th CPC it was recommended that higher the risk an employee will bear higher the allowances he/she will get.

The amount of BCA was Rs. 240/- per month in 6th CPC which has increased to Rs. 360/- in 7th CPC.

  • Bad Climate Allowance Eligibility

To receive a bad climate allowance one must be working under central government and posted in risky area or hard locations. The employees from the units that are mostly receiving BCA are

  • Defence: armed forces, CRPF, Indian Navy, IPS officers and more officers from several defence units who are being posted to highly risky areas like borders or something will be eligible for the BCA.
  • Railways: in railways there are several ranks like running officers and such. Those who are being posted in such areas can receive BCA.
  • Others: Other officers working under central government units will also get BCA if the person or his/her family is living or posted in such areas.
  • Bad Climate Allowance – 7th CPC

Among the mentioned ranks, those who draw Rs. 5400/- or above as grade pay will get Rs. 600/- BCA and less than Rs. 5400/- grade payable people will get Rs. 360/- per month as BCA.

  • Bad Climate Allowance

Issues 6th CPC 7th CPC
Amount of BCA Rs. 240/- for GP < 5400/-

Rs. 400/- for GP > 5400/-

Rs. 360/- for GP < 5400/-

Rs. 600/- for GP > 5400/-

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