Bhutan Compensatory Allowance BCA

Bhutan Compensatory Allowance BCA

The allowance is given to Defense force’s team members of India, which are posted at Bhutan. There has been some issue of depreciation and to keep things clear, notices were issued.

The depreciation was applied on the facilities like mess charges and canteen facilities. There have been reports stating the Government’s decision regarding the way postings of officers are treated. At Bhutan, it is demanded, it should be taken as normal foreign posting, the way it would be treated for any other country.

The rebates given and services provided are all revised from time to time. But, for Bhutan, revisions were made in the year 2013 last.

The briefcase allowance

There are certain categories/ grades of officers, to which, the central government gives reimbursements on the expenses made on official bags/ladies purses/ briefcases. There is an upper limit for each grade. The key highlight of this allowance is, the officers get it only once in three years.

The commission committee believes that the current rates are good. But! The upper limit of the amount may get increased. This increase is considered to be directly proportional to increase in Dearness allowance.  Former may increase by 25% if the latter increases by 50%.

Children Education Allowance (CEA)

This allowance is given to officers so that they may look after education of their children. The expenses may be considered in terms of school and hostel fees. If a child is differently able, allowances are different in such cases.

In terms of revisions and the demands thereafter, it has been claimed that the reimbursements should be made for graduation and post-graduation levels as well. The committee has received multiple applications for consideration of the same.

Concession for education

This concession is given in the form of reimbursements to the children of missing/ killed/ handicapped while on duty officers. In this tuition and hostel fees is fully reimbursed. As an additional provision, expenses on books, stationary, uniform and clothing are reimbursed as well.

This allowance in not proportional to dearness allowance, it is independent.

Dearness allowance

This allowance is paid to the central government employees. This is granted by the central government to protect the salaries of its employees from erosion. This is directly proportional to the inflation rates.

Currently, as per the reports, there has been no demand for the alteration of the law for dearness allowance.


Some key highlights of the country are mentioned below:-

  • Belonging to Asian continent, it is the second largest Himalayan state, located at the eastern part. Its capital is Thimpu
  • Towards its south, it shares its borders with India and towards its North, China is the neighbor.
  • The population here is seventh largest in the world and Indian defense officers are posted here

There are several allowances which are timely increased and some are kept the same. It is totally up to the discretion of the Government, whether to increase an allowance or no.


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