Briefcase Allowance Rules for BSNL, Railways, Income Tax Inspector & Central Govt. Employee Under 7th Pay Commission

Briefcase Allowance Rules for BSNL, Railways, Income Tax Inspector & Central Govt. Employee Under 7th Pay Commission

Along with various basic allowances that are paid to the government employees by the Indian government, there are some uncommon allowances as well for selected employees. One of such uncommon allowances is briefcase allowance. It is not for all the government employees, but for few who carry a whole bunch of papers in their briefcases. The Indian government has given the provision of reimbursement of the cost of briefcase or bag or purse that an employee will buy during his/her service. After 7th pay commission the amount of briefcase allowances has changed. Here in this piece of article, you will get detailed information about Briefcase Allowance.

Briefcase Allowance Rules BSNL Income Tax Railways gov employee

  • Briefcase Allowance

Briefcase is one of the essential elements for an employee. Though today the world has become digital and no paper or hard copies are being carried out, but still there are some documents that need to be carried all the time. Some of the selected central government employees who carry a bunch of papers and documents with them to their office will now a financial benefit from the government. According to the briefcase allowance the eligible employee working under union government can reimburse the cost of briefcase he / she owns to carry official documents.

  • Briefcase Allowance Rules

As per the rules, briefcase allowance will not be given to all the government employees. It is allotted to few of the government employees who handle or carry a lot of documents every day. Though it is called the briefcase allowance, but it is valid for not only briefcase but also bags, ladies’ purse can be bought and reimburse the money. Each eligible employee can get the allowance once in three years.

  • Briefcase Allowance BSNL

Post Ceiling Time span
Executive in IDA pay scale (E1 – E3) 1000/- 4 years
Executive in IDA pay scale (E4) / Group-A officer 1600/- 4 years
JAG & NFSG level 2500/- 4 years
SAG & HAG level 4000/- 4 years
CMD/CVO/EDs/ Board of Directors 5000/- 4 years
  • Briefcase Allowance For Central Government Employee

Post Ceiling Time Span
Assistant / Steno / PAs 3500/- 3 years
ADsG / Ads / PSs / SOs / Equivalent 4000/- 3 years
Director / Senior PPS 5000/- 3 years
Joint secretary level officer 6500/- 3 years
Additional Secretary / PSB members 8000/- 3 years
Secretary 10,000/- 3 years
  •  Briefcase Allowance for Railways Employee

Grade Pay Ceiling Time span
4200/- to 4600/- 3500/- 3 years
4800/- to 6600/- 4000/- 3 years
7600/- to 8700/- 5000/- 3 years
10, 000/- 6500/- 3 years
HAG+ or HAG 8000/- 3 years
Apex 10,000/- 3 years 
  • Briefcase Allowance for Income Tax Inspector

 For income tax inspectors the briefcase allowances are same as other government employees. It depends on the ranks and pay bands of the employees. As per the rules whoever is drawing Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- and above will get this allowance.

  • GP 4200/- to 4600/-: Briefcase Allowance will be 3500/-
  • GP 4800/- – 6600/-: Briefcase Allowance will be 4000/-
  • GP 7800/- to 8700/-: Briefcase Allowance will be 5000/-
  • GP 9600/-: Briefcase Allowance will be 6500/-
  • Briefcase Allowance Changes in 7th Pay Commission

After 7th pay commission many of the allowances have been changed, some are abolished whereas some have risen sharply. As far as the briefcase allowance is concerned, the 7th pay commission has announced that the briefcase allowance will be raised 50% from now and will continue raising by 25% if and whenever the DA will be raised by 50%. If the DA does not increase the Briefcase Allowance will not be increased by 25%. But as of now the raised percentage will be 50% for all the eligible candidates who are drawing briefcase allowances.

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