Canteen Allowance & Diet Allowance Rules

Canteen Allowance & Diet Allowance

An allowance is a special sum of money in addition to the salary given to the employees by the employer. Allowances are given to the employees for several purposes and mostly it is given to them to attract them towards different facilities of the job and ensure certain things for them.

Canteen Diet Allowance

  • Canteen Allowance

Canteen allowance is a special allowance and this allowance is given to the General Manager and the Manager-cum-accountant of the Supreme Court Departmental Canteen. The General Manager of the Supreme Court Departmental Canteen gets Rs. 350 pm whilst the manager-cum-accountant gets an allowance of Rs.300 pm.

There have been several claims to increase the allowance by the workers. The workers are expecting and demanding that the allowance will be increased four times as much as of the current rate of allowance. The 7th Pay Commission ensures that this allowance will increase further by 25% each time the Dearness allowance increases by 50%. So, the 7th Pay Commission has been a blessing for the workers.

Canteen allowance is also granted to the staffs in definite categories of Central Government ministries.  Below is a table to showcase the rates of the allowance provided to them.

Designation of Staff Allowance Provided (Per Month)
General Manager Rs. 700
Deputy General Manager Rs. 600
All Managers Rs. 300
All Assistant Manager-cum-Storekeepers Rs. 200

The workers are demanding a pay rise as much as four time of the current pay rate. It can be mentioned here that it is recommended that the rates of the allowance paid to the employees should be increased by a factor of 1.5 as it is not enough currently. The government is thinking about the allowance and the rate of the allowance should be increased by them.

  • Diet Allowance

Here are a few facts about diet allowance mentioned below.

  • Diet allowance is provided to the Deputationists of Bureau of Immigration.
  • This allowance is given as a compensation for food.
  • This allowance is given to the Deputationists at a rate of Rs. 200.
  • The Deputationists have no demands regarding this allowance.
  • The government is looking into this allowance as a probable one to be abolished.

Diet Allowance is provided as a compensation for food. But there have been no valid explanation to continue this allowance and the employees also have no demands regarding it. So, the government is looking towards this allowance as a possible waste of money. So, the government is thinking about abolishing this allowance from the list of the allowances.

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