Central Govt. Employees to Get Children education allowance

Central Govt. Employees to Get Children education allowance

Recently the central government of India has decided to help the employees. So, government will provide financial assistance for the education of their children. The allowance program was started in 1962 and then the name of the program was ‘Reimbursement of tuition fees’. Later, the central govt. of India has changed the name to ‘Children’s Education Allowance’. After the 7th pay commission the allowance amount was increased. Now every child gets 2250 rupees per head, but the children have to central govt. employees’. as per the government mandate the students who live in hostels will also get the hostel allowance and that is 6750.

Central Govt. Employees to Get Children education allowance

Things to know about the benefit

However, the benefit will be enjoyed by the children of central government employees. As per the rule, maximum three children of a central govt. employee will get the financial benefit regarding their education; earlier only two children of a central govt. employee were allowed to get the benefit. The central govt. has also clarified that they decided to pay the allowance to the third child who was born out of failed sterilization operation.

Although there is limitation, and that is only one child after the sterilization failure will come under the benefit; but, the benefit will not be applied for the fourth or fifth child. In case if the employee already has two children and the third born is twin then the twin will be considered as the third child of the central government employee. In case the third child is disabled then the allowance will be also double.

As per the rule, the children will receive the allowance at the end of the year. They need to show their educational certificate at the end of the session. The children will get the allowance until the 12th grade of school. The railway employees are eligible to come under the scheme.

Amount details

The allowance will only be given to them who have proper documents. As it is said earlier the allowance will be given at the end of the year so the education allowance will be 24,750 rupees and the allowance that covers hostel fees will be 74, 250 rupees. Government laded up to this decision once they decided to hike the allowance. As per the report, the formula that is used calculating children’s education allowance was decided in 6th Pay Commission.

Documents required

In order to get the allowance the candidates will have to show the certificate that is issued by the respective educational institution of the students. The certificate has to mention the year and class in which the student is in.

Lastly, it can be said that with the help of this allowance the children of the central government employee will get benefitted. So, it is needless to say an excellent step taken by the 7th Pay Commission. The hike of the allowance will is also a great decision that was taken by the central government as it will cover much of the education expenses.

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