Chief Controller pay scale Grade Salary Slip Allowance Facility Under 7th Pay Commission

Chief Controller pay scale Grade Salary Slip Allowance Facility Under 7th Pay Commission

Indian railways one the finance back bone of the Indian budget has the largest employees count in the nation. With more number of workers, Indian railway managed to get separate ministry in Indian constitution.

Here we are going to discuss the pay scale of chief controllers of Indian railways. As per the stats released by Indian railways there are about 2600 Deputy and Chief controllers are employing in Indian railway their job is to plan, execute and control all the activities on train operations.

Indian Railway Employee Pay Scale

Chief Controller pay scale 

Chief controller of Indian railway pay scale comes with the pay band two where their existing pay scale falls in between Rs. 6500 to Rs. 10,500. Where the exact pay scale amount will be judged based on the several factors like experience, educational and so.

Chief Controller grade pay

As per the existing pay rates, current chief controllers of Indian railways receives about Rs.4,600 as their grade pay and it is expected to be raised under the recommendation of seventh pay commission. However, their current individual pay scale varies depending upon the employees experiences and working grade.

Chief Controller salary

As per the existing sixth pay commission recommendation, chief controllers of Indian railway manages to receive existing pay band which might falls in the ranges from Rs.9,300 to Rs.34,800 plus the grade pay of Rs.4,600. The exact salary amount of chief controllers of Indian railway will be predicted based on the individual controller’s experience and other allowances factors.

Below listed table describes the pay structure of Railway Chief Controllers

Pay Band followed for Chief Controller post in Indian Railway PB-2
Pay Scale of Indian Rail way Chief Controller Pay Scale would be in the range of Rs.6,500 to Rs. 10,500
Existing Pay band amount of Chief Controller’s of Railway As per the 6th pay commission recommendation the existing pay band is in the range of Rs.9,300 to Rs.34,800
Grade Pay of Chief Controllers Rs.4,600
Allowances for Chief Controller in Railway Just like other employees, Chief Controllers do have City Compensatory Allowance, House Rant Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Transport Allowance, Deputation Allowance, Educational Allowance, ACP – Assured Career Progression and many

Chief Controller allowance

Just like other railway employees, both chief and Deputy Controllers of railway enjoys the normal allowances which are listed below.

Benefits Under 7th pay Commission: 

  1. The pay band – 2 in which train controllers falls has been increased from (9300-34800) to (29900-104400)
  2. Apart from that Grade pay of train controllers too increased to (12600-14400)

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