CIL Pay Scale Salary Allowance Designation Matrix after 7th pay commission

CIL Pay Scale Salary Allowance Designation Matrix after 7th pay commission

It cannot be denied that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. And beyond doubt, India’s energy needs are expanding to a great extent. And this is where Coal India steps in. Coal, in India is one of the most important sources of energy. The CIL is a state owned coal mining organization. And the mission of this organization is to generate and market the planned quantity of coal and its products effectively in an eco-friendly manner. The organization is also concerned about the safety of people working there and also the quality of coal produced. The CSR policy of CIL is formatted according to the notifications issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  • What do you gain from CIL as an employee?

CIL is one of the biggest coal produces throughout the world. The government has 90% of its shares and the remaining is taken up by other shareholders. Now, Coal India being one of the biggest coal producers, they offer great salary packages for their employees. And with the experience you gain from working in there, it will help you a lot with your future career perspectives. This article is going to offer you a clear idea regarding the salary packages of the employees working in Coal India according to their designation. And for those who are looking forward to begin a career with Coal India, you can definitely apply online or offline. Coal India hires skilled and experienced employees for the growth and success of the company.

  • The facilities

The DA at present is 85.5% of the basic pay and it will be revised per quarter depending on the cost of living Index. The perks and allowances include up to 50% of the basic pay, HRA will be provided for those who does not opt for company accommodation, the CMPF contribution will be 12% for both the employer and employee. The pension will be according to the contribution of the employee. On completion of a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 30 years, 25% of BP and DA. Other allowances include an unlimited medical treatment for both self and dependants in the company hospitals, if it amounts within 15000, it will be non taxable. The medical expenditure will be reimbursed in case the medical treatment is done outside the company hospitals. If the employee is transferred to a different state coal field, schooling facilities will be given to their sons’ and daughters’ with subsidized transport facility for children of employees.

The leased accommodation facility will be provided to the employees who are the officers of Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. There will be 50% of the basic pay, recovery of house rent at 10% of basic pay. If the amount of rent is more than 50% of basic pay, it will have to be paid by the officer himself/herself.

CIL Pay Scale Salary Designation

SL NO Designation Salary package
1. Management trainee Rs 4 Lakh to Rs 9 Lakh
2. Assistant Manager Rs 5.5 Lakh to Rs 10 Lakh
3. Assistant Manager in Mining Rs 4.56 Lakh to Rs 6.20 Lakh
4. Senior officer Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 7 Lakh
5. General Office Rs 7 Lakh to Rs 12 Lakh