Commercial Clerks,Superintendent Pay Scale salary Slip grade Under 7th Pay Commission

Commercial Clerks, Commercial Superintendent Pay Scale salary Slip grade Under 7th Pay Commission 

In 7th Pay commission the revised pay scale for commercial clerks of Railways has announced. A commercial clerk is one who manages parcel goods and ticket bookings. He basically looks after the movement of goods that are travelled from one place to another by train. Previously Commercial Clerks used to get INR 6500/- after 6th Pay Commission, but now the 7th CPC declared the pay scale for the commercial clerks as INR 9300/-.

Commercial Clerks Superintendent Pay Scale salary Slip grade

  1. Commercial Superintendent

Indian Railways is the biggest platform where nearly 1.03 million people work. It is obvious that the railways board has immense numbers of ranks and positions. Commercial Superintendent is one such rank under commercial clerks in Railways. Commercial superintendents are the people who monitor the other clerks and their activities such as the ticket bookings and goods despatch (parcels or luggage) in Railways. Those who look after ticket booking are called booking clerks and the later are called Goods clerks.

According to the 6th pay commission the Commercial Superintendents used to receive pay scale of Rs. 6500 up to Rs. 10,500/- maximum. But as per the 7th CPC the pay scale has increased to the minimum level of RS. 9300/- up to maximum level Rs. 34,800/- including the grade pay Rs. 4600/-.

  1. Commercial Clerk 

The Sr. Commercial Clerk is one who supervises the ticket bookings and goods parcel. There are two types of sr. Commercial Clerks, Goods Clerks, who look after the goods dispatch and parcel movements and Booking Clerks, who look after the ticket bookings.

The Sr. Commercial clerks need to maintain and look after the ledger and accounting books as well. They need to do it to track the movement of the parcels on daily basis. Also Sr. Commercial Clerks keep their eyes on the other activities such as without ticket travel, reservations, booking cancellations and such.

The pay scale of the Sr. Commercial clerks was Rs. 4000/- to 6000/- as per the 6th pay commission. But the 7th CPC declared their revised salary as minimum of Rs. 5200/- and maximum of Rs. 20,200/- including the grade pay of Rs. 2800/-. So overall nearly 30% of salary hike has taken place in Railways after the 7th Pay Commission.

  • Commercial Clerk Pay Scale – At a glance

Designation Salary after 6th Pay Commission Salary after 7th Pay Commission
Commercial Superintendent Rs. 6500/- to Rs. 10500/- Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/- incl. Grade pay Rs. 4600/-
Sr. Commercial Clerk RS. 4000/- to Rs. 6000/- Rs. 5200/- to Rs. 20200/- incl. Grade Pay Rs. 2800/-

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