Delhi Labor Registration Benefit Yojana 2020

Delhi Labor Registration Benefit Yojana 2020, (Workers will get from 2000 to 2 lakh Rupees, List)

The Government of Delhi has done a great deal to help the laborers during the Coronavirus. The work of assisting the workers has not stopped yet because the Delhi government has again prepared a new gift for the workers. Under this scheme, registered laborers will be provided an amount ranging from two thousand rupees to two lakh rupees under the scheme. With this financial support, the life of the laborers will be simplified and many of their stalled work will also be made. Now we are going to explain in detail about how the laborers can get this financial assistance under this scheme.

delhi labour registration benefit yojana

Delhi Labor Registration Benefit Yojana Financial assistance

Announcing the scheme, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that no laborer would be called a brute worker, but more than 20 laborers would be included in the class and that laborer would go to labor department without registering only a phone call Will be able to do it through After that they will be able to get the benefit of this scheme comfortably.

Delhi Labor Registration Benefit Yojana laborers

Delhi government deputy CM Manish Sisodia also said in his statement that the definition of construction labor under the law is totally different and bigger. Under this, Beldar, Porter, Labor, Raj Mistry, Mistry, Spice Workers, Concrete Mixers, Tiles and Stone Peter, Chuna, Paintings, Whitewashed, Painter, POP workers are also included. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia also said that whatever other people work on the construction site like watchman, plumber, carpenter, carpenter, electrician, fitterman, blacksmith, gardener, shuttering mistry and labor pump operator, bar binder, crane operator etc. Has also been included in the category of construction labor.

Therefore, it is very important to end the confusion in people’s minds that construction labor is not the only one who walks with a brick on the forehead.

Delhi Labor Registration Benefit Yojana facilities

The amount provided under this scheme, released by the Delhi Government, is used for laborers’ expenses of any marriage, deteriorating health, pregnant woman or old pension in their home, as well as funeral expenses in case of accidental death or normal death. Money, disability status, education of children of workers, etc. Under this scheme, a provision has been made to provide various amounts under the following circumstances, which are as follows.

  • Assistance of Rs 35000 to Rs 51000 for marriage of son or daughter of laborer
  • 2000 to 10 thousand rupees for health related works
  • 30000 rupees for assistance for maternity situation
  • 3000 rupees monthly pension after the age of 60 years
  • If a person dies in an accidental situation, then he will receive two lakh rupees and in the case of ordinary death, an amount of 10,000 rupees will be received as assistance for the funeral.
  • In the event of being a disabled laborer, he will receive an assistance of Rs one lakh.
  • If a worker is not able to give education to his child, then for his education a monthly scholarship ranging from 500 to 10000 rupees can be obtained.

The current labor number in Delhi is more than 10 lakh but only 1.11 of them have been registered. Keeping this in mind, Manish Sisodia has said that he wants to give benefits of this scheme to every labor, so the government has taken new steps to give benefits of the scheme to the laborers who have not been registered. With the steps mentioned below, those workers can register their names for this scheme.

Delhi Labor Registration Benefit Yojana Registration of laborers

  • First, the worker present in Delhi will have to call 1076.
  • With the help of Delhi government, the team member will come home and collect the documents of that construction worker and fill the form themselves and upload the photo copy of those documents online.
  • After that the application will be approved online.
  • Those who are construction workers can easily download their certificates through the Internet or their application will be delivered to its registered address within the coming four-five days.

With this initiative of Delhi Government, 10 lakh laborers residing in Delhi will be able to get a lot of different financial assistance in their household, under this scheme, which will make their life easier and easier.


Q : What is the number of laborers in Delhi ?

Ans : 10 Lakhs. Q : Will these laborers be covered under this scheme ? Ans : Coolie Labor Masons Mistry Spice Workers Concrete Mixer Carpenter Plumber Watchmen Chosen Painters White Painters POP Workers Vitamin Blacksmith Mali Shuttering Mistry etc.

Q : Under this scheme, how much money will be available for the marriage of the son or daughter of the laborer ?

Ans : From 35000 to 51 thousand rupees.

Q : How much amount can be received under this scheme as maternity benefit ?

Ans : Rs 30,000.

Q : Will old age pension also be given to laborers under this scheme ?

Ans : Yes.

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