Demonetization Effect in 7th Pay Commission

Demonetization Effect in 7th pay commission

On November 8th of 2016, Central Government took the decision to abolish Notes of 500 and 1000 from the market. The decision was proposed keeping many things in mind, including managing terrorism from the nation. Government estimated a time frame of 50 days, within which all exchanges were to be done. With effect to that, central government employees were also given 10000 INR in advance, so that they can manage their livelihood in the crisis phase.

Special Support for Government Employees

Different government employees are always in the good book of tax payers, to the government. The decision to provide the advance might be an award for that. However, the advance has been made only once, assuming that the situation has been managed well. Now, considering all those things, a certain phase of demonetization hit the market. Taking that into account, Central Government declared the seventh pay commission for all the employees. India Rail, Post, Defense and all the undertaking concern employees will be covered under that.

Different turmoils are picking up with that pay commission. Here are the details of the commission, that is making the central government employees agitated and tensed.

Status of the 7th pay commission

  • The commission has been announced to be applicable from 1st of January, 2017. It will take 18 months to formulate the laws. Hence the employees will be provided an aerier for the total 18 months.
  • After the declaration of the pay commission, it has been 4 months, and there has been no progress at all from the end of central government. The increase in salary is calculated on the basic only and its effect is felt in the allowances.
  • There are 196 allowances that are included in the pay commission, where 51 has been recommended to be deleted from the list. Central government has not even framed the commission yet. Question that is coming up is who has recommended to delete the 51 allowances then?
  • There are has been no update regarding the same from the end of government till date. How much effect this commission will put on the salary of the employees is now completely under darkness, since no intermediary declaration has also been made.
  • The decision of pay commission was declared last year on 1st September by the JCM. Confusion among the employees is regarding the status of the commission, especially after the declaration of demonetization. Whether the commission will be formed or not is the word that is running under the table, at this moment.

Further Updates are Invited

All the Central government employees are looking ahead for any sort of update from the government authority. There has been some of the updates regarding the pensions and on the other hand the deletion of different allowances is a definite indication that works are going regarding the commission. In fact, the works are progressing at such a speed, that some started to feel that he commission will not linger the process till 18 months. It will be completed before the scheduled date. Every employee is waiting eagerly for the latest update from the end of Government.