Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Phase 1 to Connect Village Panchayats

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Phase 1 to Connect Village Panchayats with Optical Fibre Network

Gujarat government has announced for initiation of Digital Seva Setu Phase 1. It will cover up almost 3500 village panchayats. It will be started with the aim of changing public service delivery process, which is lacking behind in the rural areas. This initiative by the state government will facilitate online delivery of different services to the rural areas. Let us take you through other relevant details of the scheme. 

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu

Overview of phase 1 set up


Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Phase 1 setup

Purpose of set up 

Connect village panchayats with optical fiber network

Number of villages


Date of launch of initiative

8th October

Main objective

Offer better facility of hassle free delivery of online services 

Target of the initiative

Offer e-welfare service that involves the best use of technology

Ket features of the set up

  1. Main objective of the step – The main idea behind the initiative is to connect panchayats with 100 MBPS optical fiber network facilities. It wants to offer better public service to be delivered with ease to the citizens of rural areas.
  2. Target people – The citizens of the state living in rural areas and deprived of e-welfare services will be benefitted from the digital set up
  3. Availability of welfare service – As a result of this step by the government, it will offer different public welfare offerings to the village people
  4. Benefits of the setup – With implementation of digital sevasetu, villagers need not visit the district-level of the talukas level centers to get the public welfare benefits as they can get it from the panchayats.
  5. Official launch of program – It can be estimated by the end of 2020, a total of 8000 panchayats will be given the benefit of high speed internet along with other facilities.
  6. Fees for the service – The rural dwellers have to pay rupees 20 that will be deposited to village panchayats

However, village cluster will be formed including 8 to 10 villages and an administrative officer will be appointed to handle the responsibilities. 

List of services offered in first phase of program

  1. Ration card
  2. Residence Certificate
  3. Caste Certificate
  4. Income certificate
  5. Religious minority certificate
  6. Language-based minority certificate
  7. Affidavits and certificates for widows
  8. Senior citizen certificate
  9. Nomad-denotified community certificate

However, a notary officer has been assigned responsibility to offer affidavits to villagers so that they do not have to visit the notary office in towns and villages. Moreover, the use of digital signature will help the beneficiaries to get easy access to the perks of the program. 

What are the benefits of the program?

  1. The main idea of the program launch is to offer faceless and seamless service to villagers
  2. It eliminates the involvement of intermediaries in offering welfare services to the families of rural areas
  3. The phase 1 program with offer 20 services initially and try to extend it to 50 services
  4. The benefits will cover up for 14000-gram panchayats in Gujarat
  5. The program will make the best use of technology to remove corruption
  6. It shall offer high speed internet by the coming year
  7. The Bharat Net project will assist in offering the program benefits to the villagers and help in setting up of optical fiber network
  8. Also, the gram panchayat will work in coordination with the state data center in Gandhinagar

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