e-Sakhi Yojana In Rajasthan [Salary, Incentive, Qualification]

e-Sakhi Yojana in Rajasthan [Salary, Incentive, Registration Form, Training, Qualification, Smart Phone and Toll Free Number]

What is the e-Sakhi Yojana?

The Rajasthan government, under the leadership of CM Vasundhara Raje, announced the e-Sakhi Yojana. This is a part of the ‘Digital Rajasthan’ project. The total scheme aims at increasing digital literacy among the people in rural areas. The scheme highlights that some educated and interested female candidates will be selected and trained by Rajasthan Government.

E-sakhi Salary

1 Post Name e-Sakhi
2 Amount Rs. 2500
3 Age 18 and 35 years
4 Qualification Passed 12th standard

Salary and allowances for e-Sakhi

Earlier, no announcement was made about the salary of the e-Sakhis. Now, the Rajasthan government has stated that all registered e-Sakhis will receive Rs. 2500 from the authorities. This amount will be offered in two installments. E-Sakhis will receive Rs. 1000 after they successfully complete their training tenure. The final installment of Rs. 1500 will be offered once they start works as an e-Sakhi.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Age limit – Women who fall between the age bracket of 18 and 35 years will be able to become a part of this scheme. Thus, all applicants must submit their age proofs.
  2. Residential criterion – Only legal residents of Rajasthan will be able to apply to become an e-Sakhi. All candidates must submit their residential documents for verification.
  3. Academic qualification – All applicants must have minimum level of education to understand basics of digital training. Candidates who have not successfully passed 12th standard will not be able to register. Papers, which support this claim, must be produced for verification.
  4. Smartphone owner – It has been mentioned in the draft of the scheme that only female candidates, which possess their personal smartphones will be able to apply.
  5. Online representation – It is mandatory for all applicants to have their personal e-mail ID. As their task is to spread digital literacy, they must have information about e-mail and related aspects.
  6. Interested in welfare activities – Only those applying female applicants will be chooses who have a genuine interest in serving the society. They must possess the enthusiasm to work towards the betterment of the entire community.

Tenure and venue of training

This training will be offered free of cost at the RKCL centers (Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited.) The training session will last for seven days. Two hours of training will be offered to selected applicants each day. Every e-Sakhi will receive 14 hours of training. Once the training is complete, trainees will be required to sit for a written examination. Only those candidates who pass this examination will become certified e-Sakhis.

Role and responsibility of e-Sakhis

  1. Train villagers – The primary duty of every e-Sakhi is to train as many as 100 people, from her respective village. This will increase the percentage of digitally literate people in the rural areas.
  2. Access to state government portals – If any person requires some information, then they can reach out to the e-Sakhis. These trained individuals will help the villagers to attain necessary information by logging on to state government’s websites or apps.
  3. Link with internet kiosks – The e-Sakhis will have access to the booths or internet kiosks.
  4. Participation in IT initiatives – The state and private organizations will offer better exposure to the e-Sakhis, by allowing these candidates to be associated with IT initiatives.
  5. Dissemination of digital news – It will be the responsibility of all e-Sakhis to offer people details of what is happening in the digital world. This will encourage people to learn and participate in the digital process.

What is the registration process for the scheme?

  1. There are two ways of registering for the scheme. The first is via the official e-Sakhi app. For this, every interested applicant will have to click on the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.rajasthan.doit and download the app. Once the app is installed, she can fill in the registration form easily.
  2. The second registration method is via online enrollment. For this, interested applicants must have SSO IDs. To get this ID, applicants have to click on the link https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register.
  3. Once the official government page opens, applicants will have to click on the link marked as “Registrarion.” The link is located at the right hand side of the computer screen.
  4. Once the digitized registration form opens, applicants need to fill in the necessary details and generate the SSO ID. Without this unique ID, one cannot register to become an e-Sakhi.

Helpline for the scheme

If any applicant requires additional information about the scheme, then she can call up on three numbers. These numbers are assigned to some government officials. They are in-charge of proper maintenance of this scheme. Applicants can also send in query mails.

Name of coordinators: Narendra Dhayal, Shikha Mathur, Sanjay Swami

E-mail IDs: narendrad@rkcl.in, shikha.23mathur@gmail.com, sanjayswami1234@gmail.com

Contact Numbers: 9649900717, 9660392307, 7976180365

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