The employee’s salary account of Telangana Government will be linked with their parent’s account

The employee’s salary account of Telangana Government will be linked with their parent’s account

India is famous of the living habits of the people since the people of India are pretty strong on their cultural and on following the social ethics set by the ancient people. However, in recent years the codes of ethics followed by the ancestor are in the verge of being destroyed due to practice of western mode of cultural amount the modern people. Especially the practice of not being a caretaker of the parents and so, on accounting those issues some states have proposed a new rules for its state government employees on providing better care for their parents. Recently the telangana state government introduced a new scheme by which state government employees will be forced to provide financial care to their parents.

New Rule Introduced by the Telangana State Government

Telangana the newly formed state currently ruling by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the state has been ruled by the party leader Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao. On witnessing the worries faced the elder people in the state, the CM of Telangana has introduced a new scheme by the salary bank accounts of the employees will be linked with the bank accounts owned by the respective parents.

By doing so, the elderly people would feel security in terms of finance, the salary received by their children can be withdrawn from their bank accounts. The scheme will create a situation that the elder people would be provided proper care by their respective children.

Reason behind the establishment of this scheme

  • In recent time, the state government has received several complaints regarding the negligence of the elderly people by their own children due to the age factor. To provide better care to those affected elderly people and to prevent elderly people to face such incident in future this new scheme has been introduced by the state CM.
  • According to the recent reports, around 100 cases has been filed in the state by the elderly people with the reason of not getting proper by their children, and some cases quoted that they are been thrown out of the family.
  • Apart from this scheme, the state CM Mr. Rao is on consultation with the higher officials on providing monthly allowances to the women who are living single at the older age.
  • In addition to that, the government is planning to take severe action against the employees who are found as the culprits to those registered cases.
  • It is expected that the state government will deduct certain amounts from the employee’s salary and will transfer that amount to the parent’s account, who are abandoned by their own children.
  • The main reason for the elder people suffers is because that all the schemes offered by the state government for the older people are not provided since their children are government employees. However, when their own children abandoned them it’s really hard for them to survive.

It’s not the first time, nation is experiencing such problem earlier the state government of Assam issues a severe warning for its state government for not providing proper care to their parents during their old ages. Now the state government of Telangana follows the same footprints of the Assam state government.


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