GAIL Pay Scale Salary Slip Matrix Perks Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

GAIL Pay Scale Salary Slip Matrix Perks Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Gas Authority of India Limited aka GAIL is the largest gas processing public sector unit in India. Owned by the central government of India, GAIL has immense number of employees under their roof. It is obvious that the salary structure is different for the different grade and designation. As it is the largest gas processing and fuel management unit in India, GAIL has different departments as well. Finance, Managerial, Engineering, Security, HR, Admin, Research & Development, Corporate Planning and much more departments can be found under this unit. Each department has a number of employees from different designations and ranks and of course as said earlier the basic pay scale is different from one to another depending on their ranks and positions. Here in this article we will look into the pay scale of the GAIL employees.

GAIL Pay Scale Salary Slip Matrix Perks Allowance

GAIL Pay Scale

The basic pay scale for a junior level officer in GAIL starts from Rs. 20, 600/- per month at entry level. The basic pay scale can grow up to Rs. 46, 500/- per month excluding grade or other perks after increments.

The engineers who will join as engineer trainee under E2 grade will receive basic pay scale of Rs. 24, 900/- per month at an entry level. If the candidate posses additional Management degree along with B. Tech then he / she will be eligible to get 2 increments over his / her basic pay scale.

The deputy manager draws basic pay scale of Rs. 29, 100/- per month at an entry level. On the other the basic pay scale of the senior manager can go up to Rs. 62, 000/- per month on an average. The executive director gets a basic pay scale of Rs. 62, 000/- at an entry level and can grow up to Rs. 80, 000/- per month.

Annual Pay Scale for the Senior Designation

Designation Pay Scale (Annual)
Senior Engineer Rs. 10, 00, 000/-
Senior Officer Rs. 10, 30, 000/-
Senior Officer (procurement and contracts) Rs. 10, 40, 000/-
Dy. Manager Rs. 12, 50, 000/-
Dy. Manager (corporate communication) Rs. 15, 00, 000/-

GAIL Grade Scale

GAIL has different grades depending on the different posts. There are 9 prominent grades under which several designations are being added. According to the grades, basic salary, increments and allowances are being allotted to the employees.

Grade wise pay scale of the GAIL employees: (Executive level)

Grade Designation Pay Scale (Per month)
E1 Junior Engineer / Junior Officer Rs. 20, 600/- – Rs. 46, 500/-
E2 Senior Engineer / Senior Officer Rs. 24, 900/- – Rs. 50, 500/-
E3 Deputy Manager Rs. 29, 100/- – Rs. 54, 500/-
E4 Manager Rs. 32, 900/- – Rs. 58, 000/-
E5 Senior Manager Rs. 36, 600/- – Rs. 62, 000/-
E6 Chief Manager Rs. 43, 200/- – Rs. 66, 000/-
E7 Deputy General Manager Rs. 51, 300/- – Rs. 73, 000/-
E8 General Manager Rs. 51, 300/- – Rs. 73, 000/-
E9 Executive Director Rs. 62, 000/- Rs. 80, 000/-

GAIL Allowance and Perks

  • GAIL is a government sector so the allowances and perks are similar to other central government units. The basic allowances that a GAIL employee gets are HRA of three different levels. For A-level 30%, B-level 20% and C-level 10% of the basic salary are given to the employees respectively.
  • Dearness Allowance of 102% of the basic pay scale is also given to the employees. From senior level to junior level the DA is same for all.
  • Along with HRA some of the officers / engineers get a facility of housing quarter. That is they can stay there during their service with their family. If they do not live in the allotted GAIL property then they will get the HRA as per the government rules.
  • The other allowances like travel allowances, medical facilities, education allowances for the kids, risk allowances and such are same as central government allowance rules. Also the workers will get the facility of pension and gratuity after retirement along with medical benefits and DA.
  • As long as the perks are concerned, mobile bills, electricity bills, vehicle facility, housing facility, water and other amenities can be added to the list for the senior executive level officers such as Manager, deputy manager, director and so on.

GAIL Pay Scale under 7th Pay Commission

  • As per the 7th pay commission report there have been many changes that took place in the salary structure of many government employees. As a whole the basic pay scale of central government employee has been increased by 23.56% from the earlier salary.
  • In case of the allowances, the allowances and perks have raised to 49% from the earlier times. On the other some of the allowances are being abolished and some of them are collided with others.
  • In regards to the pensioners, the DA has been revised and proposed to be the same as the people who are still in service. Gratuity and other pension facilities will be same under 7th pay commission.

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