Goods Guards Pay Scale Grade Pay Salary Allowance & Perks Under 7th Pay Commission

Goods Guards Pay Scale Grade Pay Salary Allowance & Perks Under 7th Pay Commission

Indian Railways’ goods trains transfer more than 1,000 million tons of freight every year. Though they don’t come into limelight, they play a crucial role in India’s economy. And Goods Guards of Railways work to ensure the repetition of that success every day, every year. Their job requires them to ensure the safety of cargo and train throughout its journey from source to destination. It’s a tough job, but the rewards are also worth it. Goods Guards receive handsome compensation and facilities for their job. Let’s take a look at what they earn, which facilities they’re provided and what’s their future with implementation of 7th CPC:

Grade Pay Salary Allowance & Perks

Goods Guard Pay Scale & Grade pay

Pay scale means the range of minimum and maximum Basic Pay that one can receive in any post. Current pay scale of Goods Guards is Rs. 5,200 – Rs. 20,200. Aside from basic pay government employees also receive grade pay according to their category or grade. Grade pay of goods guards is Rs. 2800.

Goods Guard Allowances and Perks

Since Goods Guards come under running staff of Railways, they enjoy a number of allowances and facilities aside from regular House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA) and Transport Allowance (TA). They receive Running Allowance for the number of kilometers they cover in their duty (called mileage), which consists of following two elements:

  1. Kilometrage allowance (KMA): Paid on the basis of kilometers they cover. Current rate is Rs. 188.75 per 100 kms.
  2. Alowance in Lieu of Kilometrage (ALK): Paid for being deployed in non-running duties. Currently paid at the rate of 160 kms per day for outstation duties and 30% of basic pay for duties on headquarters.

Besides running allowance they also receive a number of general allowances that’re paid to running staff. Full list of allowances they receive is given in the table below. Other facilities provided include:

  1. Residence: All railways employees, including goods guards, can stay with their families in gated colonies and societies of Railways. These societies are often built in the nicer parts of towns and are well-maintained with greenery, pools, tennis courts and bungalows.
  2. Medical facilities: Facility of receiving treatment in Railways’ Hospitals remains available to them and their families. Like their colonies, these hospitals are well maintained and well staffed.
  3. Traveling facilities: A 2nd Class ‘A’ Pass is issued to Goods Guards that they or their family members can use to travel in AC-3 tier of any train except for Rajdhani/Duronto/Shatabdi etc.

Goods Guard Pay Structure

The pay structure of goods guard consists of following elements:

Pay Scale Rs. 5,200 – Rs. 20,200
Grade Pay Rs. 2,800
Allowances 1.       Running Allowance
2.       Accident Allowance
3.       Breach of Rest Allowance
4.       Allowance in Lieu of Running Room Facilities
5.       Officiating Allowance
6.       Outstation (Detention) Allowance
7.       Outstation (Relieving) Allowance
8.       Waiting Duty Allowance
9.       Trip Allowance
10.   Ghat Allowance

Thanks to large number of allowances, this structure changes every month depending on the number of allowances that’re to be provided in any given month.

Goods Guard Salary

The base salary of Goods Guards is Rs. 8,560 per month. Add the grade pay of Rs. 2800 to this amount and you get Rs. 11,360 – this is the least amount these guards can receive in any month. However, they almost always earn much more than this and their total salary in hand also varies from month to month, thanks to the wide range of allowances.

Goods Guard Benefits Under 7th Pay Commission

Under 7th CPC many benefits have been recommended for Goods Guards. These include:

  • Grade pay proposed is 4,200 in place of current Rs. 2800;
  • Pay Scale proposed is 46,000;
  • Additional allowance of Rs. 500 per month;
  • And many other benefits too.

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