Huge jump in allowances for armed forces

Huge jump in allowances for armed forces

The government of India has shown its respect to the nation’s army jawans by increasing their allowances significantly. Living a soldier’s life isn’t that much easy as many think. These days, army jawans plays a vital role on fighting against the terrorism even though there has been a peace time going among the neighboring countries.

Recognition from Government of India

The great show of dignity and respect offered by the Indian army jawans enforce the government of India to double their allowances to all the jawans of the nation. However, the allowances rate will gets differ based upon the position or land which they serve.

The details of the allowances for Indian Jawans

For jawans who are serving their nation in siachen glacier which is well known as the highest battle-filed of the planet earth receives the highest increase in allowances when compared with all others. Similarly, the army officers and other category jawans who are serving their nation in other altitude too gets significant hike in their allowances.

  • Officers who are all serving in army forces in the siachen glacier will get allowance amount of Rs. 42.5K from the old scale of Rs.21K. Similarly, the JCO (junior commissioned Officers) and other category jawans will get the allowance hike from Rs. 14k to Rs. 15K.
  • Officers, JCO’s and jawans from other than siachen glacier get the new allowances as Rs. 25K, Rs. 17.3K and Rs.11.2K.  In addition to that, personal serving in the operational attack commandos gets Rs. 25k and JCO’s and their men’s get Rs. 17.3K.
  • Just like the army officers, the allowances for the submarine jawans of various posts gets significant hike to the flat of Rs. 25K from variable allowance scale. Similarly, the sailors of the submarine will get flat hike on their new allowances to Rs. 17.5K on monthly.
  • For army personal serving in the counter-insurgencies get the new hiked allowance in the notable amount. 16.9K for officer’s grade and Rs. 9.7K for JCOs and other men receives on monthly basis.

Allowances for maintaining Health

For army personal, there has been a separate allowance provided to maintain their health, to serve on deadly altitudes human requires a significant consumption of rum for that government of India offers special rum allowances to the serving men. Now, the rum allowances which ranges upon the serving altitude Rs. 240 to Rs.45 earlier has been increased to Rs. 360 to Rs.68.

Also, army men who are post-graduate will get the increased allowances Rs. 2.25K. For defence officers the allowances Rs. 20k and Rs.10K has been offered as dress allowances and polish allowances in order to stay neat and fit.

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