IAS Grade Pay Scale Salary Rank Perks Allowance Facility Under 7th Pay Commission

IAS Grade Pay Scale Salary Rank Perks Allowance Facility
Under 7th Pay Commission

IAS or Indian Administrative Service is one of the most prestigious and highest civil services in India. IAS officers work under Central, State and other public sector and public undertaking units. The pay scale, allowances and perks of the IAS officer is also very high compare to other civil service officers. There are diverse ranks in Indian civil services where an IAS officer can join and serves the duty. On the basis of the ranks and positions the pay scale and perks are being decided. Some of the allowances are common and are given to all the IAS officers. Here in this post you will get the detailed information about the pay scale of various ranks of IAS.

IAS Grade Pay Scale Salary Rank Perks Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

  • IAS pay scale salary

An IAS officer is one the three Indian leading civil services such as Police force, Forest services and finally Indian Administrative services. The pay scale of an IAS officer (junior) generally started form Rs. 15, 600/- and can be maximum of Rs. 90, 000/- per month including the grade pay and such.

As mentioned there are several ranks and positions in Union and State government where an IAS officer can work, so depending on them the pay scale is being set. On an average an IAS officer draws Rs. 51, 000/- including grade pay, and house rent allowance, dearness allowance and travel allowance.

It is said that every year there is chance of hike in salary of an IAS officer by 3% and hike in DA by 10% that means an officer can receive double salary in every 7 years of his/her service life.

IAS grade Pay

On the basis of the ranks and positions the grade pay are different for each IAS officers.

  • For a junior time scale officers the grade pay is Rs. 5400/-. Sub divisional managers and assistant director of governmental department are the posts under this rank.
  • For a senior time scale officers the grade pay is Rs. 6600/-. District managers and collectors are the officers under this rank.
  • For a junior administrative officer the grade pay will be Rs. 7600/-. Head of several government department and special secretary are the posts under this rank.
  • For a selection grade officers the grade pay will be Rs. 8700/-. The posts like Secretary to the ministry are considered under this rank. It takes at least 12 years to reach there for an IAS officer.
  • For a super time scale officer the grade pay will also be Rs. 8700/- but some of the luckiest and brightest super time scale officers get Rs. 12, 000/- as grade pay.
  • The apex officers don’t receive any grade pay. They draw a fixed salary of Rs. 80, 000/- and some higher officers draw basic salary of Rs. 90, 000/-. These are fixed.

IAS Rank

There are immense numbers of ranks and positions for an IAS officer. As mentioned that an IAS officer can work under union, state or any public undertaking organisations in higher positions. On the basis of ranking, in general there are few positions that can be mentioned here.

  • Junior Time Scale: Sub-divisional managers, assistant director in governmental departments are the junior time scale rank.
  • Senior Time Scale: Additional District Magistrates, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Junior Secretary to Deputy Secretary of Central Government and Junior to Deputy Secretary of State Government are the posts in this rank.
  • Junior Administrative Grade: District Magistrates, Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Secretary of GoI and such.
  • Selection Grade: special secretary in state government or director in union government.
  • Super Time Scale: divisional commissioner, Secretary in state government, joint secretary in union government.
  • Senior to Super Time Scale: principal secretary to state government, additional secretary to union government.
  • Apex Scale: chief secretary of the states and various ministries of the Union government.
  • Cabinet secretary: the senior most and highest position for an IAS officer. Cabinet Secretary of India is the post under this grade. It takes at least 35 years of service to reach here.

IAS facility Allowances and Perks

As said that IAS is said to be the premier civil service under government, the allowances and perks that are given to them are also quite attractive. Along with high pay scale these following allowances are being provided to the officers. The allowances and perks include:

IAS benefits under 7th Pay Commission

Currently after 6th pay commission the entry level pay scale for an IAS officer is Rs. 15, 600/- to Rs. 39, 100/- along with grade pay of Rs. 5400/-. But as per the 7th pay commission the salary gets raised for the entry level officer. According to the speculation after the 7th pay commission the entry level pay scale for an officer will be from Rs. 29, 900/- to Rs. 1, 04, 400/- per month along with raised grade pay Rs. 16, 200/-. These are average figures and subject to be changed.

IAS Pay scale and Ranks

Ranks Pay scale Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale 15600/- 5400/-
Senior Time Scale 15600/- 6600/-
Junior Administrative Grade 15600/- 7600/-
Selection Grade 37400/- 8700/-
Super Time Scale 37400/- 8700/-
Above Super Time Scale 67000/- 12000/-
Apex Grade 80000/- (fixed) N/A
Cabinet Secretary 90000/- (fixed) N/A

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