ICMR Salary Pay Scale Matrix Grade Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

ICMR Salary Pay Scale Matrix Grade Allowance After 7th Pay Commission 

One of the most challenging careers in India, which can also become a life changing one for any individual, is a career of a scientist. A scientist is such an individual who can create a complete revolution with his/her shocking discoveries in any field. Such an individual, when opts for any research or looks out for a career as a scientist, is offered with immense facilities by the government of India. He is offered with every facility to take part in respectable seminars, continue research and meet up with respected persons of foreign countries with a proper remuneration. Now that being said, this article is going to focus on the remuneration of the different scientists that Indian government has employed the pay scale and also about the career prospects.

In different government organizations the positions of scientists vary and according to that, vary their pay scale. The grade defines their pay scale and here is how the pay scale of different grades is divided:

  • ICMR Revised pay scale after 7th pay commission

For the scientists of grade B, the pay scale is Rs 15600 to 39100.

For the scientists of grade C, the pay scale is 15600 to 39100.

The scientists of D grade have the pay scale of Rs 15600 to 39100.

The E grade scientists have pay scale of Rs 37400 to 67000.

The F grade scientists have pay scale of Rs 37400 to 67000.

The G Grade scientists have pay scale Rs 37400 to 67000.

  • The age criteria

The maximum age limit for any candidate is 35, 43, 45, 50 and 52 years for the grades of C, D, E, F, and G grade scientists. As we have stated earlier, a lot of government organizations that run under the department of science and technology of the government of India, have been engaged within the scientific research. There are many organizations that offer job opportunities for scientific researchers.

  • ICMR Facility & Allowance under 7th pay scale

Speaking of the different facilities that are offered at different government organizations for the scientists and researchers, these are not really too much different from normal government employees.

  • Travelling allowance: This differs according to the grade pay of an employee and according to that the employee will be provided with the appropriate class of travelling allowance.
  • Entitlement and tours: These are national and international tours for government officials. These incorporate the mileage allowances, daily allowances and transfer grants.
  • Packing allowances are also there. These include transportation of personal belongings, conveyance entitlement for retiring employees.

A tabular overview of the pay scale for scientists according to ICMR

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Grade pays accordingly Grade B Rs 5400

Grade C Rs 6600

Grade D Rs 7600

Grade E Rs 8700

Grade F Rs 8900

Grade G Rs 10000

2. The government organizations recruiting scientists Institute of Seismological Research

Institute of Chemical technology

Defense Research and development organization

Department of science and technology of Government of India

Government of India science and technology organization

3. Eligibility criteria Candidates must have bachelor degree in medicine, technology or engineering


Candidates with master’s degree in the department of Agricultural or natural sciences are also eligible


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