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The technical and managerial department in the Government of India needs Indian Engineering Service officers. The IES officers are spread over different departments like mechanical, electrical and of course civil engineering department of Indian Government. The pay scale of an IES officer is as high as an IAS officer. Though the ranks and the reputation are not same as an IAS officer but in here applicants need to pass huge rounds of examinations to become an IES officer. After 7th pay commission the IES officers receive more benefits along with their previous salary and perks. By reading this article you’ll get to know about the details of IES officers’ salary and all.

IES Rank Pay Scale Grade Salary Allowance Perks Advance Facility

  • IES Officers Pay Scale

Pay scale for the IES officers is huge. The basic pay and grade pay both depend on the several ranks and designations that an officer holds. The entry level pay scale of the IES officer starts from Rs. 9300/- for the post of Junior Works Manager. The basic pay scale for this post goes up as high as Rs. 34,800/- per month excluding Grade Pay. Other posts like Assistant Public Prosecutor and Investigator Grade – 1 officers are also getting basic pay scale of Rs. 9300/- up to Rs. 34, 800/- per month without Grade Pay.

The senior level officers such as Senior Public Prosecutor and Deputy Superintendent get the basic pay scale of Rs. 15, 600/- per month which can be hiked to Rs. 39, 100/- with the time and promotion. The figures shown here are the basic salary and without Grade pay.

  • IES Officer Pay Grade

There are diverse ranges of Grade Pay for different level engineers and officers under the Indian Engineering Service. The Grade Pay depends on the ranks an officer holds. It is obvious that higher the post, higher the grade pay for an officer.

  • The lowest grade pay in IES starts from Rs. 4600/- per month. Officers like Junior Works Managers, Assistant Public Prosecutor and Investigator Grade – 1 level officers get the Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- per month.
  • The senior posts like Senior Public Prosecutor and Deputy Superintendent get higher grade pay. The Grade Pay for these ranks is Rs. 5400/- per month along with the basic pay scale.
  • Higher officers than the mentioned two levels get higher grade pay. Also the GP gets hiked with each promotion.
  • IES Officer Salary

  • As mentioned above that the salary of an IES officer depends on the several ranks and positions an officer holds. The entry level salary starts from Rs. 12, 900/- for a Junior Manager including grade pay and other facilities.
  • The salary of the senior level officers starts from Rs. 21, 000/- including basic and grade pay. An entry level officer takes 2 years to reach the senior level and a senior level officer takes 3-4 years to reach higher positions. So within these 2 years the Junior Works Managers get salary up to Rs. 44, 500/- per month including grade and basic pay scale.
  • On an average an IES officer receives around Rs. 45, 000/- to Rs. 50, 000/- per month including all other facilities.
  • IES Officer Designation, Ranks

There are massive ranks and designations available under IES. There are different departments such as Mechanical, electrical and civil engineering departments where there are several ranks like Junior Works Managers, Senior officers like Deputy Superintendent and such. The ranks are as follows

  • Assistant Executive Director: this is an entry level rank.
  • Executive Director: after serving for 3-4 years AED reaches this rank
  • Superintending Engineer / Joint Director: after 8 years of service ED becomes joint director.
  • Joint General Manager: 13 years experience is needed to become a Joint GM.
  • Additional General Manager: more than 20 years of experience is required to be an Assistant GM.
  • Senior General Manager: this position needs 30 years of experience
  • Managing Director / Chairman: finally to become a chairman one must have served 34 years in union government.


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  • IES Officer Facility

The facilities under IES depends on the department you are serving in. As for example if you are in railway department then you will get quarter in Railway colony, football court, swimming pool, your own cabin in office, personal peon and such.

The same will happen if you are in defence department. You will get quarter in defence colony and other mentioned facilities. But unlike IAS you will not get any car with red light. But some of the officers get car facility.

  • IES Officer Allowance | Perks | Advances

The IES officers get quite high perks and allowances along with the basic pay scale. The allowances are as follows:

  • Dearness allowances: 119% DA is given to the IES officers
  • Travel Allowances: some of the higher officers get car facility while others get travel allowances
  • House Rent Allowance: Most of the officers get quarters to live in.
  • Medical facility: the officers and the dependents like parents, children and spouse will get medical allowances for the treatment they are gone through.
  • Other perks: other normal perks like electricity, phone bills, education of the children, and pension after retirement and so on are also given to an IES officer.

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  • IES Officer benefits Facility under 7th Pay Commission

After 7th pay commission the basic pay scale of an IES officer gets hiked to 2.57 times. According to the recommendation of the 7th CPC an IES officer who is getting 21, 000/- per month as his basic salary will get 21,000 x 2.57 = 53, 970/- per month now onwards. So on an average an IES officer will draw 60 – 70, 000/- per month unlike previous time when he/she was drawing 45 – 50, 000/- per month.

  • IES Officer Salary – quick view

Post Experience (years) Salary (Basic + GP)
Assistant executive director Entry level 21000/-
Executive director 3-4 22200/-
Joint Director 8 23200/-
Joint General Manager 13 47400/-
Additional General Manager 20 67000/-
Senior General Manager 30 80000/-
Chairman 34 90000/-

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