IFS Officer Pay Scale,Grade Pay,Salary | IFS Officer Allowance,Perks| IFS Officer Facility Under 7th Pay Commission

IFS Officer Pay Scale | IFS Officer Grade Pay | IFS Officer Salary | IFS Officer Allowance Perks, and advances | IFS Officer Facility Under 7th Pay Commission

Indian Foreign Service officer ranks are equivalent to IAS officers on India. IFS officer is just like IAS which is a major civil service in the country. An IFS officer not only enjoys high posts in Central government but also receives high salary, enjoys facilities and also is eligible for variety of perks and allowances. Here, in this content you will get to know about the details of IFS ranks, their pay scale, salary, grade pay and other facilities. In this year after 7th pay commission IFS officers have got several benefits. Depending on several ranks the officers are getting benefits and facilities for the union government.

IFS Officer Pay Scale Grade Salary Allowance Perks advances Facility

  • IFS Officer Pay Scale

As said the IFS jobs are as reputed as the IAS jobs in India. It is obvious that the pay scale of such jobs will be higher than any other governmental jobs in the country. Though the starting salary of a Junior Time Scale officer is Rs. 8000/- per month, but the salary grows up to Rs. 13,500/- for a Junior Time Scale officer under IFS.

On the other for a Senior Time Scale the pay scale range is between Rs. 10, 650/- to Rs. 18, 500/- per month. The highest pay scale for a High Commissioner or Ambassador is fixed at Rs. 26, 000/- per month. All these mentioned figures are basic pay scale for an officer without grade pay or facilities.

  • IFS Officer Pay Grade

The Grade Pay of the Junior Time Scale officer is Rs. 5400/- per month.

  • For the Senior Time Scale officer the grade pay is Rs. 6600/- per month
  • The Junior Administrative Grade officers get Rs. 7600/- as the grade pay.
  • The Selection Grade officers receive Grade Pay of Rs. 8700/- per month.
  • Super Time Scale officers get Grade Pay of Rs. 10, 000/- per month.
  • Above the Super Time Scale officers all other officers get Grade pay of Rs. 12, 000/- per month.
  • The high Commissioner or Ambassador does not get any grade pay.
  • IFS Officer Salary

The salary of the IFS officers is different in different ranks. In junior ranks such as Junior Time Scale officers and such are getting salary of Rs. 8000/- + Grade pay Rs. 5400/- at a starting level. On the other the senior level officers like Senior Time Scale officers are getting salary of Rs. 10, 650/- + Grade Pay of Rs. 6600/- per month at the starting level.

The higher officers like Ambassadors and high commissioners get fixed salary of Rs. 80, 000/- to Rs. 90, 000/- including perks, allowances and facilities. On an average a senior IFS officer draws Rs. 60, 000/- to Rs. 70, 000/- including all other facilities.

  • IFS Officer Designation, ranks

There are many ranks and designations in Indian Foreign Service. If you are working under embassy then the ranks are different and if you are posted under ministry of external affairs then the designations are different.

Under external affairs ministry:

  • Foreign Secretary (Highest post in India)
  • Secretary
  • Additional secretary
  • Joint secretary
  • Director
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Assistant secretary

Under embassy:

  • Ambassador
  • Deputy Chief of Mission
  • Minister
  • Counsellor
  • First secretary
  • Second secretary
  • Third secretary


7th pay commission Pay Scale| Salary Slip | Pay Grade for Central & State Government Employees

  • IFS Officer Facility

An officer gets 2BHK flats in India and a car. Also if the officer is posted in foreign countries then he/she will get a 3BHK flat or house, car and also salary of minimum $4, 000 that is Rs. 2, 40, 000/- (min).

The IFS officer gets normal facilities like a higher authority under union government gets. The facilities include, House of flats for living, cars, facilities for dependents like parents, spouse or children, electricity bills, phone bills, water bills, medical treatment expenses, pension and such.

  • IFS Officer Perks, allowance and advances

  • An IFS officer, as I said, gets a bunch of attractive perks and allowances along with their handsome salary. Apart from the above mentioned facilities the officers get perks like DA, HRA, Medical, Phone, TA and so on.
  • If the parents of the officers are completely depended on the officer then he/she can take along his/her parents with them and their entire expenses will be borne by the government.
  • They also receive high rate of pension after retirement for the officers and their spouses.

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  • IFS Officer Benefits under 7th Pay Commission

In 7th pay commission it has been said that the IFS officers who is currently get two increments in two years when he/she moved to senior level will get three increments.

  • IFS officer Salary – quick view

Post Basic pay Grade pay
Junior Time Scale 8000/- 5400/-
Senior Time Scale 10,650/- 6600/-
Junior Administrative Grade 12750/- 7600/-
Selection Grade 15100/- 8700/-
Super Administrative Scale 18400/- 10000/-
High Commissioner/Ambassador 26000/- Nil

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