Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020 : Apply Online

Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020 for Disbursing Loans (Eligibility, Apply Online, Farmers list)

Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa has launched the Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme. The main purpose of the scheme launch is to offer loan disbursal facility to individuals of agricultural and non-agricultural sector. The state government has offered a total of 39, 300 crores loan disbursal, and cheques have been offered for the same. The beneficiaries have to go through the following steps to apply online for the scheme. The information below shall help them to apply for the same online. 

Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme


Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme

Target group of scheme


Workers engaged in agricultural and non-agricultural sector

Main objective of scheme


Offer loan disbursal facility to farmers

Scheme launched in



Scheme announced by


Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa

Total amount of loan disbursal 

Rupees 39, 300 crores

Key features of scheme –

  1. Target group of the scheme – The workers of the agricultural and non-agricultural sector are the main target group of the scheme.
  2. Scheme objective –The main idea of scheme launch is to help the farmers and the ones belonging to the agricultural sector ho are hit hard due to the spread of the pandemic.
  3. Total amount to be disbursed –The state government will offer up to rupees 39,300 crores for helping the beneficiaries. Alsorupees 4,525 crores have been offered by Karnataka government for assistance of farmer’s organizations so that they can handle agricultural produce better.
  4. Total beneficiaries included – There are a total of 50 beneficiaries in this scheme
  5. Amount for different sectors – Loan disbursal amount is rupees 15, 300 crores for the agricultural sector, and it is rupees 24, 000 crores for the non-agricultural sector.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme –

  • Residential proof – Only Karnataka farmers are eligible for the scheme and they can get the scheme perks
  • Income details – The farmers have to produce their income details at the time of scheme registration. It will be scrutinized by higher authorities to consider the eligibility of the farmers 
  • Category of farmers – The farmers belonging to the agricultural and non-agricultural sector are eligible to become the scheme beneficiaries.

Documents required –

  • Residential documents –The candidates should provide residential documents justifying that they are the permanent residents of Karnataka
  • Income details –The farmers need to produce income certificate or details of agricultural produce to justify their eligibility under the scheme
  • Identification proof –Some vital identification like Aadhaar card, Voter ID card and the like should be produced at the time of registration for scheme.
  • Farming details – The farmers have to justify that they either belong to non-agricultural sector or agriculture sector to get the scheme benefits

Incentive to dairy farmers

  • A total of 1885 crores of incentive has been given to Karnataka state government at rupees 5 per liter
  • State government has come up with new scheme idea offering loan at zero percent interest
  • A total of 12, 608 Asha workers have been offered rupees 1`2875 crores. In addition, state government has offered rupees 79 crores to Karnataka Milk federation so that farmers can give milk to their families

How to apply for Arthika Spandana Scheme

The details of application are yet to come up on the official portal. As this is a newly launched scheme, the beneficiaries have to wait for the launch of the application procedure. Therefore, they should stay updated on the portal to get latest ideas relating to the scheme.


Q: What is the main purpose to launch Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme ?

Ans: Offer Loan disbursal facility to agricultural and non-agricultural sector farmers

Q: What is the amount of loan disbursal?

Ans: Rupees 39, 300 crores

Q: Who are the target beneficiaries under the scheme?

Ans: Farmers belonging toagricultural and non-agricultural sector

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