Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2020 : Apply Online

Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2020 (Application Form Download Online – Rs. 35,000 to Parents of PH / MR Persons, Eligibility, Documents)

Under the Kerala Swasraya Scheme, the online application has been invited by the Kerala state government. This has been launched by the assistance of the Social Justice Department to help disabled students. However, the state cabinet has approved the financial assistance and helps the ones belonging to handicapped and disabled persons. As looking after the disabled ones are expensive, the state government want to offer financial help to the beneficiaries. There is other related information that is illustrated in the following part of the scheme.

Kerala Swasraya Scheme

Kerala Swasraya Scheme  Launch details

Name of scheme   Kerala Swasraya Scheme
Target group of scheme   Physically handicapped and mentally retarded individuals
Main objective of scheme   Offer financial to help find way for self-employment for disabled ones
Scheme launched in   Kerala
Scheme announced by   Social Justice Department, Kerala

Key features of the scheme –

  1. Aim of the scheme – The scheme’s main purpose is to offer financial help to disabled and mentally disabled individuals in Kerala.
  2. Target beneficiaries under the scheme –Handicapped and mentally disabled patients in the state.
  3. Financial help is given to disabled ones –Rupees 35, 000 will be given to the parents or mothers of the disabled ones under the scheme

Eligibility criteria for the scheme –

  • Residential details – As the Kerala government has introduced the scheme, only the state’s permanent residents are eligible.
  • Income details –The income limit of the family of the  disabled should be within the given limit to be eligible to get the scheme benefits
  • Identification proof –The candidate or family has to produce suitable identification details at the time of registration for the scheme
  • Beneficiaries of Aswasakiranam scheme – If an individual has opted for the Aswasakiranam scheme, they are eligible to apply for the above-said scheme.
  • BPL group –Only the applicants of the BPL group are eligible to avail the scheme benefits
  • Disability rate – If individuals have 70% or more percentage of disability, their parents or mother can apply for the scheme benefits. Also, severely disabled or bed-ridden patients are eligible
  • Categories of disabled mothers –If mothers are unmarried, widow, abandoned by husbands, divorced, they are eligible to apply for scheme perks for their kids.

Documents required

  • Residential details – The candidate has to furnish suitable residential documents at the time of registration 
  • Income details – The candidate has to produce a suitable income certificate and income of single mothers at the time of registration
  • Identification proof – The applicant should produce an Aadhaar card, voter ID card, ration card, and the like
  • BPL card – The candidate or mothers of disabled ones should produce a BPL certificate or card at the time of registration for the scheme

How to apply for Kerala Swasraya Scheme –

  • First, you have to visit the official portal of the Kerala Social Justice Department at this link
  • As the homepage shows up, you have to click on the ‘schemes’ option under the main menu section.
  • In the page that opens up, you have to click on the “Swasraya Scheme for parents/mothers of PH / MR Persons” link and go to the 26th number scheme on the list
  • As the scheme page shows up, you have to click on the ‘documents’ section, and get “Application Forms – Swasraya Scheme for parents (single mothers) of PH / MR persons” to get access to the right link
  • Following this, the candidates can get the Kerala Swasraya Scheme application form PDFwhere the candidates have to fill up the application form 
  • The applicants have to download the application in PDF form. Only after downloading the form, the applicant has to enter the correct details

After filling up the form, the candidates have to submit the same to the District Social Justice Officers and submit the necessary documents mentioned above. Only after the form has been verified by higher authority is sanctioned, and the beneficiary is offered financial help. In this case, the parents or mothers of disabled persons are given help so that the disabled person can find a suitable way of employment in their life. However, financial help is transferred to the linked bank account of the mother.   


Q: What is Kerala Swasraya Scheme?

Ans: This is a single time financial assistance to be given to parents or mothers of the disabled ones.

Q: Who are the eligible groups for Kerala Swasraya Scheme?

Ans: Candidates of BPL group 

Q: How to get the PDF form of application for Kerala Swasraya Scheme?

Ans: Through link and submit in online mode

Q: How much financial help will be given to students under Kerala Swasraya Scheme?

Ans: Rupees 35, 000 through DBT mode

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