Know Your Case Scheme In Haryana 2019

Know Your Case Scheme In Haryana 2019

The Haryana police have launched a scheme called ‘Know Your Case’. The scheme will give the person who lodges the complaint the right to know the status regarding the progress of the investigation. The scheme was launched on 1st June 2013 since then according to the record, several people have visited to the police stations to learn about their case, in July 2019 approximately 19,462 people have visited police station. In order to make the process systematic the administration fixed the 2nd Saturday of every month for the people can know about the status of their case. The details of the scheme are given in the tabular form.

Name of the scheme Know Your Case
Launched by Haryana police
Date of launch June 2013
Place of launch Haryana
Target people General public

Key features of the scheme

  • Objective of the scheme- The scheme will let the people know about the progress of a case. The people who have lodged complaint to the Haryana police they will have the right to know about the progress of investigation of their case.
  • Visiting time- The administration fixed the last Saturday and Sunday of every month from 9 am to 11 am people can visit to the police respective station to learn about their case.
  • Working mode of the scheme-On that day SHO alongwith all the I/Os and I/C Beats will be present at every police stations from 9 am to 11 am to answers to all the queries of the people regarding their case.
  • Role of the administration- In order to make the scheme effective the SDPO of each Sub Division will be reviewing the case and listen to the people’s grievances.
  • Monitoring the scheme- To supervise the scheme, there is commissioners of police along with ADGPs/IGPs who will look after the scheme. The progress of the scheme will be reviewed every month by the deputy superintendent of police.
  • Types of case- According to the rules of the scheme, from general case to criminal the complainant can come for enquiry.

Required documents

To know the status of the case you need to bring the copy of your complain along with your ID proof like voter and Aadhar card. You can visit to the nearest police station to know more about required documents.

Notable success of scheme

Since, the implementation of the scheme, the footfall at the police stations in Haryana ha reportedly increased. According to the report, in September, 2019 approximately 20,180 people have visited to different police stations to learn about the status of their case. The Additional Director General of Haryana Police said that the number is highest till now in 2019. The rise of the footfall proves that scheme is working transparently for the welfare of the public. It is believed that the footfall will increased more with time.

With the launch of the scheme the people of the state are betting benefitted. They now can learn about their case. If there is a delay they and ask for review of their case; so, the scheme will help the people to get justice. According to the police record, in 2019 from January to August approximately 15000 people approached to Haryana police every month with their case. The scheme has created an opportunity for the people to approach directly to the senior officer of the police with plea of investigation. The implementation of the scheme is commendable as it shows the accountability of Haryana Police along with that it is trying to respect the fundamental right of the citizen.

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