Members Of Parliament [MP] [Salary, Allowance,Pension]

Members Of Parliament [MP] [Salary, Pay Scale, Allowance, Perks, Pension ](Sansad ki Salary kitni hai)

Apart from the MLAs, the MPs or the Members of Parliament have a seat at the legislative house. These individuals have a set role in the house. These people can come from political as well as non-political backgrounds.

Salary And Allowance Details Of Members Of Parliament

Role of the MPs

All appointed MPs have three main responsibilities. They have their obligations towards their political party, the constituency, and towards the parliament. They have to attend the legislative meetings when the parliament is in session. They take part in the voting process and play an important part in passing the bills. All MPs must highlight the issues, which are rampant in their respective legislative areas. They must take necessary steps to remove these issues on an emergency basis.

Monthly Salary

Each month, a Member of Parliament receives a salary of Rs. 1 lakh. Earlier, they used to receive less salary. With the revision of the Pay Commission, the amounts have been increased to compensate the MPs properly.

Yearly Salary

Each MP receives as much as Rs. 12 lakhs as an annual salary. An estimate shows that every month, the central government spends as much as Rs. 2.7 lakhs on every MP. This amount includes the salary and other fixed allowances.

Allowance and Perk Details

Earlier, every MP used to receive Rs. 45,000 as constituency allowance. After the revision of the pay commission, MPs will receive Rs. 70,000 as constituency allowance. Apart from this, their office allowance has also been hiked from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 60,000. The furniture allowance was Rs. 75,000, but that has been hiked up to Rs. 1 lakh by the Parliamentary committee. Apart from this, they will also receive money to pay for their official staffs. They will also receive additional allowance for traveling.

Pension Details

The Indian Constitution also has the provision for ex-MP’s pension. All individuals, who served as a Member of the Parliament will receive a continuous monthly pension from the central government. Each former MP will receive Rs. 20,000 as a monthly pension. In case the person served office as an MP for more than five years, he/she will receive an added allowance of Rs. 1500. Apart from this, former MPs will also attain free AC train tickets and treatment facilities. Ex-MP spouse or dependents will also receive family pension after the death of the former MP. The family pension amount is half of what the former MP used to get.

Which Department Keeps Tab On Salary Payments?

All monetary payments, made out to the Members of Parliament, are monitored by the Union Finance Department. The central finance department keeps track of all payments. Whether it is monthly payment of salaries and allowances, or pension, you will get detailed record of financial dispatches in respective files.

The new amendments have increased the salary and allowance of MPs. This higher remuneration offers them the much-needed boost to discharge their duties and responsibilities. The development of the constituency rests on the shoulders of the MPs.

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