Odisha Mo Bidyut Portal at mobidyut.com 2020

Odisha Mo Bidyut Portal 2020 (mobidyut.com) / App – Apply Online for New Service Connection / Electricity Bill Payment / File Consumer Complaints

Recently, Odisha government has launched Mo Bidyut Portal for the people of the state. To make the best out of it they launched both website and mobile app so that people can avail as per their convenience. Through the portal people will be able to apply for the new electric connection. Besides that one will be able to make online bill payment through the portal, they also can express their grievances on the portal to the authority. Here we are going to give you the details regarding the portal and application through it.

Odisha Mo Bidyut Portal

Launch details


Mo Bidyut Portal

Launched by

The Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik

Launched in


Date of launch

20th October, 2020

Target people

People of Odisha

Official website


Key features of the portal

  • Objective of the portal– With the help of this online portal people will be able to apply for new connection, they can lodge complain regarding any issue, and also pay online electric bill. So, the portal will save time of the people.
  • Monitoring of the portal– The portal is monitored by the Distribution Utilities of Odisha they are joining with 5T program run by the state govt. Odisha.
  • Time for connection– As per the rule of the scheme, the person will get electricity connection after 2 days after the application is approved.
  • Criteria for connection– As per the rule of the scheme, the applicant’s house should be with 30 meters of the connection point.
  • Type of connection– Once you apply for the connection, you will be able to get up to 5KW connection in the first phase.

Eligibility criteria

In order to provide electric connection government has divided the beneficiaries into four distinct categories.


As he name suggests, the connection will be utilized as the domestic purposes, and the load will be 20% of the entire load. The criteria are stated below-

  • Beneficiaries under Kutir Jyoti Program or any similar program run by central and state govt. will be eligible to get the connection.
  • People who live in apartments, multistoried buildings in Odisha are also eligible for application.
  • Electric supply will be provided to the common area like colonies, housing complexes, etc.

General area

The non-domestic area which is used by the public will also come under the area where connection will be supplied.

Specific public purpose

  • Religious place- One can apply for electric connection at religious places.
  • Educational institution- One will be able to apply for electric connection at educational institution.
  • Health sector- As per the rule of the scheme, the hospitals and clinic come under the facility where one will be able to apply for it.
  • Sports sector- One can apply for electric connection at the non-commercial sports training center and field.
  • Crematorium- Even one can apply for an electric crematorium.

Agricultural purpose

Power is needed for irrigation and that is the reason agricultural area where population is around 25000 will be able to get electric connection so that the area gets pumping capacity of 15 H.P.

How to apply for new connection?

  • Step 1- You need to visit at link
  • Step 2- Once you reach to the portal you will get an option called Online Form on the home page you need to click that.
  • Step 3- After that a box will appear on the screen, here you need to enter your mobile number.
  • Step 4- It is an OTP verification step, here you need to enter the OTP that is sent to your number.
  • Step 5- Once the OTP verification is done, a registration form will appear where the applicant ha to enter all the details.
  • Step 6- After that one needs to upload the necessary documents to submit the form.
  • Step 7- Before submitting application you need to make payment complete the application process.

How to pay electric bill online?

  • Step 1- To pay online electric bill one needs to visit link
  • Step 2– A page will appear where you can make the payment.

How to lodge online complain?

  • Step 1– In order to lodge complain one needs to visit.
  • Step 2- Once you click at the link you will be directed to complain filing page where you need to enter complain, and along with that you need to enter all the information details and the submit the form.

Lastly, it is evident that this portal will help the people of the state to get electricity connection which is everyone’s basic right. Under the portal it is said that 89 lakh people will become beneficiaries of the electricity board of Odisha. This is the reason the Chief miniter of the state asked the people to avail the facility provided by NSC.


Q: What is Mo Bidyut Portal?

Ans: It is a portal where one can apply for new electricity connection, file complain, and pay bill in Odisha.

Q: What is the website link for the portal?

Ans: https://mobidyut.com/index.php

Q: Who are eligible for the scheme?

Ans: The people of Odisha who stay in the 30 meters distance of the unit.

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