Mobile App Defense Pensioner

Mobile App For Defense Pensioner

Pension for those in defense is quite the thing that is looked forward to. There are a lot of queries related to pension all the time. It was a long impending requirement of the government to launch an app for the same. However the technology was not as high defined as it is now. Taking advantage of the times, the government has brought out a new app for the pensioners in the defense department.

Mobile App For Defense Pensioner Key Features 

  • The app which has been launched is known as “Defense Pension Info” and at present it can be downloaded on Android phones only. It will be launched for iOS shortly in future.
  • So one can just go to Google PlayStore and avail the app from this place. The mobile app will provide all payment disbursement related information to all those who download it.
  • If you are a defense pensioner and you have a certain query, you can download this app on your phone and keep a check on your credits and debits.
  • Pensioners who draw their pension from the banks as well as from the DPDO will both be given information across this portal itself.
  • If you didn’t know this, then the government already had a website to answer all your queries and to give you information and keep you in the know how about your pension. The website was The app will provide the same information that you can see on this site.

The defense has also requested that if you are reading this then please help spread the information to your ex-colleagues and your other defense personnel that you know of. It is also encouraged for all organizations to give wide publicity to the stakeholders.

What kinds of details are currently shown?

Will the app be of any use to you? To know this you must know what details are being currently given under this app to the users.

So once you download the app, you will have to login using your DPDO and providing your HO number. The HO number is the same that was assigned to you by the DPDO. Once the number and the ID has been entered you will be able to access the following details on the app –

  • Pension history: This will probably be under the “pension details” section. The history of all the payments made for your pension will be shown under this section.
  • Pension slip: The payment receipt of the government or the slip for the reception of pension is shown here. You can also download the same on your mobile phone.
  • Arrears, grievances and Know your pension (Suvigya) are other features of the app. You can also check the changes in pension under a different section.