Navy Pay Scale|Salary|Grade|Rank|Allowance|Perks|Benefits Under 7th pay Commission

Navy Pay Scale|Salary|Grade|Rank|Allowance|Perks|Benefits Under 7th pay Commission

Indian Navy, the fifth largest armed force in the world, represents the naval branch of IAF. It is one of the largest armed forces in India. Millions of people work under several positions in Navy where the president of India holds the rank of Supreme Commander. Along with the pay scale, grade pay and allowances for naval officers, they also get quite a bunch of attractive perks as well. Recently in 7th pay commission the perks and benefits of Indian navy officers are being revised and added more benefits to their pay scale to encourage more youth to join Navy as well as value their immense contribution to protect our country.

Navy Pay Scale Salary Grade Rank Allowance Perks Benefits Under 7th pay Commission

  • Indian Navy pay-scale, salary

Indian Navy is one of the largest armed forces in the world. It is obvious that the pay scale for the officers will be high and handsome. Like other armed forces, here in Indian Navy the pay scale depends on the different ranks and designations. The lowest pay scale in Indian Navy official ranks is starting from Rs. 15,600/-. The lieutenant draws the salary of minimum Rs. 15, 600/- and maximum of Rs. 39, 100/-. It depends on the service of the employee.

On the other, the highest rank in the Indian Navy is Admiral Rank, where officers draw a basic pay scale of Rs. 90, 000/- per month. These officers don’t receive any grade pay. The mentioned amount is their basic pay scale. Unlike other ranks Admiral Officers don’t fall under any pay band.

  • Indian navy grade pay

The grade pay is paid to the officers who work under different pay bands. From the rank Sub Lieutenant to Rear Admiral Officers, each one receives Grade Pay. The lowest grade pay starts from the amount Rs. 5,400/-. It is paid to the officers who hold the rank of Sub Lieutenant. After that, the immediate senior rank Lieutenant receives grade pay of Rs. 6,100/-, the Lieutenant commander, immediate senior to Lieutenant gets grade pay of Rs. 6,500/-.

Other officers such as Commander, Captain and Commodore receive the grade pay of RS. 8,000/-, Rs. 8,700/- and Rs. 8,900/- respectively. Finally the Rear Admiral Officer receives the maximum grade pay of Rs. 10, 000/-.

  • Indian navy rank

Indian Navy, like other armed forces in India, has many ranks and posts where millions of people work. There are 9 leading officer ranks under Indian Navy where several people work to serve the country. These 9 ranks are

  • Sub-lieutenant: It is the junior rank. In Navy, sub-lieutenants work as junior military officers.
  • Lieutenants: Immediate senior of the sub-lieutenants. But it is also a junior rank. Lieutenants are called the junior commissioners.
  • Lieutenant commander: senior to lieutenants and said to be the commissioned rank officers.
  • Commander: air force officer rank, commander officers are senior to lieutenant commanders.
  • Captain: one of the most prestigious ranks in Navy. It is equivalent to Colonel in Indian Army.
  • Commodore: senior to the rank Captain. One commodore can be the in-charge of more than one ship.
  • Rear Admiral: another senior commissioned officer rank in Navy. Rear Admirals are the lowest ranks in Admiral Post.
  • Vice Admiral: senior to rear admiral and a flag officer rank.
  • Admiral: the highest and senior most rank in naval force.
  • Indian navy allowance

Like other armed forces in India, Indian Navy officers also get several allowances along with basic pay scale. Along with ordinary allowances such as house, transport and uniform, there are several more allowances like submarine, flying, diving, technical, instructional, hard area, sea going and Marcos. The allowances are different as per the different categories. The rate of allowance is starting from Rs. 600/- per month to Rs. 24, 000/- per month on the basis of ranks.

  • Indian navy perks

Along with basic pay scale and allowances the Indian Naval Officers receive quite attractive perks. The perks are also given on the basis of the ranks of the officers. The basic perks provided to the officers are as follows:

  • Sports, Club and Mess facility
  • Free medical treatment facility for the officer and his/her family
  • Furnished accommodation in government property
  • Free ration
  • Canteen services
  • Group insurance
  • Paid leave for 60 days per year
  • Paid casual leave for 20 days per year
  • Up to 300 days leave encashment
  • Benefits after pension

All these perks are being provided to the several officers under several ranks. The perks and the rates change due to several ranks. Of course the higher ranking officers get maximum benefits whereas junior officers get lower than the former. Especially the location and the area of the accommodation differ due to different rankings.

  • Indian navy benefits under 7th pay commission

In 7th Pay commission the authority has revised some of the issues related to Naval Officers. It is said that if an officer is posted to dangerous areas, his allowances should be higher than ordinary hardship allowances. On the other there is a revised rate for “one rank one pension” category. Previously the budget allocated for OROP was Rs. 500 crore which the BJP government has raised to nearly Rs. 7,500 crore. After 7th CPC the budget has again increased to Rs. 10, 500 crores. Also the retirement age for senior ranks under Indian Navy has revised in 7th CPC.

  • Indian Navy Pay scale and Ranks

Ranks Pay scale Grade Pay
Sub-lieutenant 15600/- to 39100/- 5400/-
Lieutenant 15600/- to 39100/- 6100/-
Lieutenant commander 15,600/- to 39,100/- 6500/-
Commander 37,400/- to 67,000/- 8000/-
Captain 37,400/- to 67,000/- 8700/-
Commodore 37,400/- to 67,000/- 8900/-
Rear Admiral 37,400/- to 67, 000/- 10000/-
Vice Admiral 67,000/- to 80,000/- None
Admiral and equivalent 90,000/- None

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