Odisha Garima Scheme 2020

Odisha Garima Scheme 2020 for Safety / Dignity of Core Sanitation Workers (Benefits, Beneficiary)

The Odisha government lead by Naveen Patnaik has launched a scheme called Odisha Garima Scheme. The scheme will work for the sanitation workers of the state. The scheme will not only cover the sanitation workers but their families as well. According to the survey, there are 1 lakh people whose family members are associated with sanitation work. As per the chief minister of the state the scheme will help to provide utmost safety to the family of the sanitation workers. This article is going to talk about the launch details of the scheme.

Odisha Garima Scheme

Odisha Garima Scheme Launch details

Name of the scheme

Odisha Garima Scheme

Launched by

Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik

Launched in


Date of launch

11th September, 2020

Target people

Sanitation workers and their families

Key features of the Odisha Garima Scheme

  • Objective of the scheme– The scheme will provide security to the people who sanitation workers by providing financial benefits. The scheme will also put an end to manual scavenging.
  • Monitoring the scheme– To monitor the work of the scheme a State Commission for Core Sanitation Workers will be formed.
  • Area of implementation– The scheme will be implemented in 114 Urban Local Bodies that means it will cover the entire state of Odisha.
  • Benefitted people– Under the scheme approximately 20,000 crore sanitation workers will be benefitted and government will also cover their families.
  • Budget for the scheme– In order to provide financial help to the sanitation workers of the state, the scheme has allotted 50 crore rupees.

Benefits of the Odisha Garima Scheme

The scheme was launched by the Odisha government to identify the sanitation workers by conducting a survey. The survey will be done by the mandates registration of sanitation service providers, and registering core sanitation workers. Once survey will be done, the government under the scheme will provide necessary machineries, PPE kits, etc. to ensure a safe working condition. It will reduce the rate of accidents that takes place during manual scavenging. However, there will be some training that the scheme will provide along with financial assistances and the list of benefits is given below.

  • Skill Improvement training
  • Health and life insurance
  • Disability support
  • Periodic health check-ups
  • Housing support
  • Educational support
  • Mobility support
  • Mobile support
  • Retirement benefits
  • Post Service benefits
  • Illness allowance
  • Special Category of Wages
  • Risk and Hardship Allowance
  • Financial assistance in injury
  • Purchase of 2 wheelers at low cost
  • Financial support for renting a house

Beneficiary of the Odisha Garima Scheme

  • Resident of the state- To get the benefit of the scheme candidates need to be domicile of Odisha.
  • Sanitation worker– The scheme is solely for the sanitation workers so you need to be core sanitation worker by profession.

The scheme will bring dignity to the lives of the core sanitation workers. Every year there death of sanitation worker at work is reported. With the help of the scheme the workers will get necessary help and also their families will receive help from the government. The scheme is going to provide a comprehensive package and also implement statutory provisions under the state legislation to protect the core sanitation workers.


Q: What is Odisha Garima Scheme?

Ans: It is a scheme that will help core sanitation workers of Odisha and their families.

Q: Who launched Garima Scheme?

Ans: CM Naveen Patnaik

Q: How many sanitation workers would be benefited by the scheme?

Ans: 20,000 core sanitation workers

Q: Where the scheme would be implemented in Odisha?

Ans: 114 urban local bodies

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