ONGC Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission

ONGC Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission

ONGC is a multinational Oil company. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited aka ONGC is an Indian company that has become one of the largest multinational oil and gas companies in the world. Every year millions of people get recruited in the company in various posts. Talking about the pay scale of the company, there are diverse pay scales depends on the posts and designations of the employees.


There are 4 pay scales or categories under which various designations are being considered. The pay bands are as follows:

Pay Scale Category Salary (Per month)
1 W (1 to 7) Rs. 10, 000/- to Rs. 45, 000/-
2 A (1 to 5) Rs. 11, 000/- to Rs. 36, 000/-
3 S (1to 4) Rs. 20, 000/- to Rs. 56, 000/-
4 E (0 to 9) Rs. 20, 600/- to Rs. 80, 000/-

These mentioned pay bands / categories are the 4 main pay scales under ONGC Limited. The entry level salary of the junior attendant under ONGC is Rs. 10, 000/- per month under W-I category. On the other the highest paid employee under ONGC is Executive Director who draws Rs. 80, 000/- per month and falls under the category E-9. The designation wise salary is mentioned below.

ONGC Designation & Salary

Category / Pay Band Posts / Designation Salary (Per month)
W-I Junior Attendant Rs. 10000/- – 18000/-
W-II Grade III Attendant Rs. 10500/- – 21000/-
W-III Grade II Attendant Rs. 11000/- – 24000/-
W-IV Grade I Attendant Rs. 12000/- – 27000/-
W-V Senior Worker Rs. 13500/- – 31000/-
W-VI Deputy Head Worker Rs. 15000/- – 35000/-
W-VII Head Worker Rs. 20000/- – 45000/-
A-I Junior Assistant / Technician Rs. 11000/- – 24000/-
A-II Assistant Junior Technician Rs. 12000/- – 27000/-
A-III Junior Technician Rs. 13500/- – 31000/-
A-IV Charge Man / Top Man Rs. 15000/- – 35000/-
A-V Junior Engineer Rs. 16000/- – 36000/-
S-I Assistant Superintendant Rs. 20000/- – 45000/-
S-II Superintendant Rs. 24000/- – 48500/-
S-III Senior Superintendant Rs. 28000/- – 52500/-
S-IV Chief Superintendant Rs. 32000/- – 56000/-
E-0 Assistant Engineer Rs. 20600/- – 46500/-
E-1 Assistant Executive Engineer Rs. 24900/- – 50500/-
E-2 Senior Assistant Executive Engineer Rs. 29100/- – 54500/-
E-3 Deputy Manager Rs. 32900/- – 58000/-
E-4 Manager Rs. 36600/- – 62000/-
E-5 Chief Manager Rs. 43600/- – 66000/-
E-6 Deputy Manager Rs. 51300/- – 73000/-
E-7 General Manager Rs. 51300/- – 73000/-
E-8 Group General Manager Rs. 51300/- – 73000/-
E-9 Executive Director Rs. 62000/- – 80000/-

ONGC Allowances

  • ONGC is a public sector unit of India. The process of recruitment and the salary structure is almost same in this company like other PSUs in India. Each candidate has to take out the form, fill it up, submit it and then sit for the exams. If the examination results match with the required marks then the candidate gets the job after appearing for the interview sessions.
  • Apart from the recruitment process, the allowances are of course same as other public sector units in India. There are a number of allowances and perks are given to the employees working under ONGC. Needless to say, that the allowances are different for the people working in different positions. Higher officers enjoy more perks and low grade officers comparatively receive lower fringe benefits. The basic allowances are:
  • Dearness allowances of 112% of the basic salary per month will be given to all the employees. Along with this the House Rent Allowances are also given to the employees depends on the area and positions.
  • The higher authorities enjoy 47% of their basic salary as perks and benefits under ONGC. The perks include vehicle, living area, water bill, electricity bills, mobile bills and such.
  • Other that these basic retirement allowances like pension, gratuity and provident fund is also there for all the employees working under the company.

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