Over time Allowance Rate, Rule, Eligibility, Central Government Employees, Railways, Staff car driver Under 7th Pay Commission

Over time Allowance Rate, Rule,Eligibility, Central government Employees, Railways, Staff Car Driver Under 7th Pay Commission

Life as an employee is not easy and involves a lot of things. It is not just restricted up to going to work and then come back and at the end of the month you get the salary promised to you. Overtime is a part of work and refers to the extra time work that an employee does beyond normal working hours.

Over time Allowance Rate, Rule, Eligibility, Central Government Employees, Railways, Staff car driver Under 7th Pay Commission

The work carried out beyond the normal fixed working hours according to Factories act passed on 1948 is commonly referred as overtime.  For such overtime hours, extra amount will be paid in the name of overtime allowance by the employers/company, which needs to be marked separately in pay slip

Below listed table brings describe the notification mentioned under Factories Act (1948) upon Overtime Allowances

S.No Facts Information
1 Normal working hours as per the factories act followed in India As per the factories act implemented on 1948, working hours should be 8+1 hrs a day. That extra one hour will be utilized for lunch break.
2 Overtime allowances marked in pay slip? As per the factory act which is currently followed by Indian constitution, pay slip of each employee should marks the details of overtime details if an employee works beyond the fixed working hours of 9 hours a day.
  • Over time allowance in India

In India there are certain rule and regulation that is followed when employee overtime work is concerned. For the government employees there are set down guidelines according to which the overtime of each of the employee will be calculated and then they would be paid accordingly.

There are been many orders and debates regarding the granting of the overtime allowance of the Central Government employees but then now the Ministry of Home Affairs have set forth certain rules and orders according to which the overtime allowances will be calculated.

  • Over time allowance rate

For the government employees, who are eligible for the overtime allowances are overtime allowance rates varies with the employee’s emolument range, the hors of extra work, and also on if the overtime is done on working days or holidays. The rates of overtime allowances will also differ with Operative staff and office staff.

The rates shall be effective for operative staff who have a prescribed weekly hours of 48 hours. There will be grant given to the employee who does overtime but he or she will not be given any other remuneration.

  • Over time allowance request letter

Writing an overtime allowance letter is not very different from writing any other official request letters, like that of leave. In the request letter for getting your overtime allowances, you need to write a letter in a regular official format and include details such as the date of your overtime, the hours of overtime that you did, your actual pay and your actual working hours also. The letter is to be addressed to the manger or to the authority who calculates pay.

  • Over time allowance Rule

  • The overtime work is to be done not always, but only one some special occasions. Overtime should also be done on a rotational basis so that it is not the same person who is doing the overtime.
  • The overtime should be authorized by the Competent Authority, and only after making sure that the work is important and has to done on an urgent basis.
  • A single employee should have an excessive overtime rate. In a month an employee is allowed only an amount that does not exceed the amount corresponding to the overtime allowance that is payable for one-third of the monthly working hours.
  • Over time allowance Eligibility

The government employees holding Gazetted post and also non-Gazetted posts who do not fall under categories such as- paid from Civil Estimates, shall be allowed overtime allowances. The Administrative Ministries will be the deciding authority for the providing of the overtime allowance.

  • Over time allowance for central government employees

For government employees who want to apply for overtime allowances should note that the payment of the allowance up to 50% of the emoluments will not be applicable for personal staff that have been posted by non-official arrangements. The allowance is applicable for the authorized employees under the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms or by other such similar authority.

  • Over time allowance form

There is a registration form called the Form II that is maintained in each office so that the entries can be made about overtime and the form should be authorized by the Administrative body. The register is to be examined by officers and shall also be examined during audits.

  • Over time allowance in Indian railways

Under the Indian Railway, the running staff, operating staff, shift workers and other employees associated with the above are to be allowed overtime allowances

  • Over time allowance staff car driver

Overtime allowances is also applicable for the government staff’s car drivers, and dispatch rider. The allowance of Rs.25 per/hour to Rs.40 per/hour is allowed with a maximum of Rs.240 per/day.

Though, employees are too concerned about their allowances still few needs more clarification and for those below listed table elaborates the FAQ and answers

S.No Common Raised Questions Among Employees Answers
1 What is Overtime Allowances? It’s a payment paid for the work done beyond the normal fixed working hours in a concern
2 How these Overtime Allowances Calculated? Normally, these overtime pay is calculated in rate of sum of  (Basic pay + Personal Pay + City Allowance + Applicable Pension) divided by 200
3 Does Overtime offer extra leave? In some concern this option is available, where other follows the rule of paying extra for those overtime works.

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