Pay Parity in 7th Pay Commission

Pay Parity in 7th pay commission

It has been decided by Arjun Ram Meghwal, the minister of state for finance has said that the 7th pay commission for the IAS and non IAS has not arrived because of the parity between the Indian Administrative officers (IAS) and the non Indian administrative officers. That has lead to some serious issue and the minister of state for finance has decided to concern the department and thereby trying to sort out the problems so that the entire process can perform smoothly.

Pay Parity in 7th pay commission

The issue has lead to the decision for strike by the employee associations of central government from the 11th July in this year (2016) but it has been delayed.

Decision by the government

  • After such consequences the government has resolute to put forward the 7th central pay commission. With it the increase of the payment will be made and the payment will be decided based on certain planning. There will be some increments to the price and it will depend entirely on the deliberations that they will be forming after the meeting. The financial career for the officials was provided with the edge and also to those who are accompanied with other services.
  • There has a panel issued for the IAS officials in which they are suppose to have the deputation for a time span of two years. During these two years the entire system will be monitored which will lead to better success for the officials as well as the government involved with the pay commissions.
  • During these time a confederation was formed which was composed with the numerous officers of which accounts to thousand from the 20 civil services and among these twenty civil services, the Indian Police Service (IPS) is also included. These officials too joined the other officials to have the equal pay and other job related opportunities for them.

Officials selected to have the benefits of pay commission

The chief justice AK Mathur and Mr. Rathin Roy, one of the judicial members also informed that the three categories of officials are liable to have the benefits and these officials are from Indian Administrative Service, Indian police Service and the Indian Forest Service officials with seventeen years of service are liable to have the benefits under the scheme of Central Staffing Scheme.

The table represents a quick glance of the entire scheme

NAME Pay parity of in 7th pay commission
DECIDED BY Arjun Ram Meghwal
DESIGNATED AS Minister of state for finance
BENEFITS TO THE OFFICIALS Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service